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The last straw


Well, I had a shitty day, if you look at my previous entry. But just as I was about to put this sucker to sleep (literally, I was going to bed), I had to go out and get my laundry. I was hoping it would be dry, since due to lack of quarters I had doubled up three loads into two dryers. Well, imagine my happiness when I get to the laundry room, open a dryer, and find totally dry clothes inside! Yay!

And then notice that my other dryer's door is standing open with sopping wet clothes inside.

Someone got to the room shortly after I had left my clothes to dry. He opened dryers, having forgotten which dryer was his, and didn't bother to shut and restart mine when he was done.

This was a rather large problem because not only was I trying to go to freaking BED (and my work clothes were in there!), I also did not have any goddamn QUARTERS.

I needed fifty cents, so I decided to go to the store. I picked fifty pennies from my overly full penny jar and put them in a nice little change purse, and rode my bike to the grocery store--yes, in the dark, at 2:30 in the morning.

And I get there and the guy says he doesn't want that many pennies, and will take twenty-five of them only.

One quarter leaves me a quarter short of doing laundry, buddy.

Anyway, in my foraging I had happened to find a mysterious dollar bill in one of the change purses I raided, and had tucked it into my pocket, luckily. I traded that to him for four quarters, came home, and started the dryer.

Today is probably my crying record for 2002. I cried my little baby tears when they kept making me gag with the X-ray machine at the dentist. And I cried like a toddler's tantrum when I got frustrated over my inability to get my new adapter to work, since I'd wanted it so much and spent money I don't really have and now it still doesn't work. Off and on little things pissed me off all day and made my eyes water like a little boy with a skinned knee--things like not having enough quarters, or how it started raining right when I wanted to do laundry. But when I got back to my apartment after discovering my wet laundry, I cried some tears from this strange desperate well that had nothing childish about it.

Because I was thinking, Don't do this to me, don't make me truly hate people. It's hard enough fighting that fight while working in retail, trying so hard to remember it isn't personal, it's an accident or they don't think about it, they're jerks, they're having a bad day, whatever. But then this guy extended my bad day, and made it that much worse because he couldn't be bothered to shut my dryer and start it up again instead of just leaving it open while the timer ran out. Now I can't go to bed because my clothes aren't dry. Now I'm going to be dead on my feet tomorrow. Now it's three in the fucking morning and I'm busy crying torrentially, trying with everything I have not to fill up with hate.

They weren't his clothes, so why should he care? It's not his problem.

Whoever is listening, please don't let me collect enough hate so that I end up like him.


the way i see it you dont have it in you to be that cruel. so dont worry about it. youre a good person, youre just incredibly frustrated, with every right to be. sometimes some people are just stupid and thoughtless and it seems that everyones like that, but there is still hope for some of us. dont give up hope. [*tinkerbelle*]

Ah, my poor lovely - Life is rich with irritations such as those you describe. It's no wonder that people get jaded after awhile. But not my lovely! You have strength and innocent wisdom. BTW - tell the dentist I said, "FU!" Love you the maximum

People are pretty inconsiderate sometimes. Just keep that overwhelming positivity you possess and you'll be a happy person for your whole life. [katqueen]

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