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The best way to look like a slacker....


Apparently the best way to look like a slacker is to work your ass off.

Not that that makes any sense, but apparently that is what has happened here.

I was told by one of my co-workers that my manager was "unsatisfied" with how much of our work we got done on Tuesday. He said she was too slow "and Julie's always dancing off somewhere." Excuse me?

I was extremely pissed about that. First off I've been there longer than almost anyone and that's partly because I do a damn good job. Secondly, he has never ONCE caught me "slacking." I am at least partially human and I do it occasionally, but not during weeks when I have craploads of overstock to do and I personally will be the one to suffer if it doesn't get done. Once in a while I will stop for a short chat with another employee, or do something that isn't all that pressing but is work-related, like cleaning up some crap or looking up a book that has no sticker so I can put a sticker on it.

Stephen (the manager I'm talking about) wanders up to me a lot and asks me what I'm doing. As soon as he got here, he began doing that. I figured out immediately that it was a sign that he thought I wasn't doing anything at all. But my answers to his question have been legit every single time. Maybe he only remembers that he had to ask so many times, and has forgotten that my answer to "what are you doing?" if it isn't obvious always makes sense. I'm helping a customer, or I'm looking up a book to see where it is categorized, or I'm trying to organize something so that it will be faster and easier to figure out which titles need to get sent back to the warehouse.

But no. I'm a slacker.

And he was "unsatisfied" with my work on Tuesday because I'm "always dancing around." Maybe, if he wanted us to get a lot done on Tuesday...

HE SHOULDN'T HAVE COME IN TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATE, causing Diana and me to be stuck outside with no way to get in the store.

But no, no, of course it's my fault for dancing around too much. I could have made up for that two and a half hours he took away from our project by staying nestled in his cute little bed, if only I didn't dance around so much.

Does anyone but me find it ironic that I found out he thinks I'm a big slacker when I was there on my day off for the second week in a row?


some managers are just never pleased, and i speak from personal experience as well. i'm a waitress, and i was written up for not putting sodas in the cooler, when i had to finish the list of 25 side-work items, wait on customers, take phone orders, cash people out, and wash my own dishes. so, yes, i know how you feel. i think managers should have to try working for themselves once or twice! [pantherchild]

Instead of taking the blame for causing a lower than normal production, he decided to make you and everyone else look bad. I am pretty sure no one above him is familiar with his extended nap. - Ronni

*brings out the ruler* That guy deserves a slap with a ruler. Though, when I'm called a slacker it's usually because I AM slacking off. :P Anyways, maybe that person (like people who always order people around during group work) likes the feeling of ordering people around and making them look inferior. Pooh. [katqueen]

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