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Gettin' some


Well, you can all say "I told you so" now because a guy got in my pants.

Stop having heart attacks now.

It was just Jeaux.

Stop having second heart attacks now.

He forgot his shorts and we were delighted to find he fit in a pair of my loose boxers.

Get it? He got in my pants.

Haw haw haw.

Sorry for scaring you there.


whew! I can breathe again :) ~Kari

I'd understand if he could fit into your granny undies, but I thought your other clothes would be like trying to be a cabbage patch jock strap on him. But I'm not sure, maybe he doesn't have that problem of trying to move body parts to fit into clothes that are small. I'd have to wrestle with my one eyed albino spitting cobra.... and you know how fun that is. Love ya X

I was almost proud of you :(

*laughs out loud* Bravo! - Toraneko


Phew! You were just talking about the shorts thing... For a second I was worried you were really telling them about all the sex we have.--Jeaux

ROTFLMBO! :) :) - Ronni

Just when I was beginning to think Finally! [katqueen]

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