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Sleep Deprivation


Not sure why I keep doing this to myself, but lately I've been insisting upon getting as little sleep as humanly possible.

It started the week before I went to Japan.  I had an excuse then; I had a lot I wanted to finish or settle before leaving the country, before it might not be possible to check in or deal with these issues (most of which were online).  So, I started getting up for work, spending my work day with no problem, coming home and usually sleeping either immediately or an hour or two after coming home, waking up at some stupid hour such as 10 or 11 PM, and staying up through the night, usually allowing an hour-long nap between 7 and 8 AM before heading in to work by 9.  The week I was in Japan had all kinds of funky sleep-schedule weirdnesses that were enough to drive anyone up the wall (not to mention time differences and sleeping fitfully on a plane), and when I returned . . . I continued to do the same thing.

I'm not doing anything particularly important.  Keeping up to date with e-mail, getting done some personal projects, reading things I need to; it's stuff that can wait.  But I opt to not make it wait, and am getting around four or five hours of sleep--split up into two naps--a day. 

I'm awfully tired today because it was Jeaux Day and I didn't allow myself a nap. We saw the Looney Tunes movie and although I was highly entertained I also had to keep banging my head on the back of the seat cushion to stay awake.  We had yummy noodles at a restaurant called Bento.  But I wasn't hungry.  I forgot to bring my salad dressing to work today so I couldn't eat my salad, which in turn caused me to buy an espresso brownie from our café.  Shouldn't have done it, as it made me feel weird.

After the movie Jeaux and I watched South Park, grocery shopped, and baked.  We made two yummy pumpkin dishes: The usual Granny McCoy pumpkin pies, and a new deal called chocolate-pumpkin brownies.  My tiredness has been fading on and off all day and I've caught a couple winks in places like Jeaux's front car seat on the way to somewhere, but nothing significant.  Last night I had a bad dream and woke up and wrote it down and went back to sleep again.  I haven't had a bad dream in a long time.  It was weird and involved swallowing my contact lens, which then somehow inflated in my throat and blew up my head.  Yummy.

I am really, really, really, really poor.  NO money.  I am going to have to be really careful about buying too much stuff for people for Christmas (that's what's doing it).  I need to pay my bills first, dammit! 

My manager Nicole has left her job so she can go become a cop.  Congrats to her.  I made her scones and brought them on her last day.  And guess what . . . I've been offered her position.  Can you imagine ME as the Customer Service manager?  With how much I hate customers?  Hahahaha.  No, really. 


I know you could do that position. You wouldn't want to, but you could do it. Then you'd be making the big bucks, and you can be my suga' mamma.heheheh Happy Thanksgiving cutie. [xcali]

Congratulations! Maybe you'll be able to afford more Christmas presents. =D Is it a forty-plus-five position? [Masked Media]

I tried doing the go-without-sleep thing before. I hope it's working better for you than it did for me.

---Das Dieter.

Mreow. I know how much you'd hate it, but you should take it. Imagine the consternation on the faces of the idiots when they ask for a manager and you show up. :) [Meggie]

eggnog squares?!






being Customer Service Manager


*NIGHTMARE BEGIN* [katqueen]

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