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June, week 2


Saturday, June 5, 2004

Colleen worked last night, which means that my section was acceptably clean in the morning.  I love Colleen.  My kids' section would die on my days off without her.  But of course the store was besieged by jackalopes, who jackaloped all over the store and made stuff for me to clean up.  Grr.  I worked on the remodel and still didn't get enough junk done, but my friend Ally kept me company by chatting to me about books.  She's a cool girl who used to take her brother to my Pokémon League when I was in charge of it, and now she takes the kid to Yu-Gi-Oh! League since Pokémon is no longer cool.  Her family even gave me a ride home!  Yay.  I ate far too much again: leftovers from picnic, still.  Chips, M&Ms, pizza.  I threw out my lemon bread because . . . well, it was tasting rancid.  Rancid food = bad.  Online I ran into my old friend Jeremie.  Wow.  When I met him he was a Kids' WB! chat room kid, and now he's a young man.  That makes me feel friggin' old.  Stop that!

Sunday, June 6, 2004

Finally, the remodel is essentially done.  Of course at the very end of my shift--ten minutes to go, literally--my boss informs me that because of the design of the fixtures (one has "slot wall" and one does not), I have to switch the Poetry/Kids' Fiction shelf with this Hello Kitty/Activity shelf.  He got boys to do it for me, but I still had to pull the books off and put them back on.  I rebelled against messing with Hello Kitty . . . which of course means that tomorrow I will be dealing with Kitty Hell, but that is neither here nor there.

I was supposed to meet with my acquaintance Janet today.  A long time ago we met in my bookstore and she was all confused about Paganism and witchcraft and all this stuff and so I offered to set aside a time to meet her and teach her about it.  Today was supposed to be it but she never followed up or contacted me after setting this date, and I never got a phone number from her and don't have her e-mail anymore, so . . . I suppose she just forgot.  Maybe she'll figure it out one day.  In any case that meant I had my Sunday free.  And . . . tonight was the TONY AWARDS!  Wicked got three Tonys (including Idina Menzel for best actress in a musical, yaaaay!) and Avenue Q got a whole bunch of them (including best musical).  I love it when stuff I like gets attention.  I called Meg after the Tonys were over and we chatted about STUFF--she told me all the shit that's been going down with her job.  Holy shit.  Sounds like Twilight Zone. 

Monday, June 7, 2004

I call this the Day of Slack.  "Bob" would be proud.

First off a good thing is that Meg got her job back and everything is good again.  Whew.  And beyond that, I mostly just didn't do anything.  I had gotten into the groove of always being desperately busy with the remodel, and all of a sudden I don't have that hanging over me anymore.  Woo-hoo!  I put my Hello Kitty crap on the shelves and admired it sort of, and Nicole and Amanda from the other store were here helping some other sections that weren't done with their remodels and they told me the section looked good.  Jeaux randomly came to my work and took me out for lunch at McAllister's, which was cool, and we talked about writing and the Tonys.  Oh yeah, and I found out I got an indirect compliment from PAT, who is grouchy enough about even letting you know she can stand the sight of you.  She told another manager in a piece of paper what needed to be done in Kids' regarding the remodel (and I'd done all of it except they wanted a whole row of books just shifted over to make more room in a crowded aisle)--and it said not to do anything to my section without consulting me because "you're dealing with one of the best kids' department heads in the company."  Go me.  Thanks Pat.

Mike came over after work and we made butter dips.  Oh, they're good.  Sort of little breadsticks.  We ate them and watched two episodes of Father Ted.  We also played DDR.  I need to play more DDR.  Because dammit, I eat too much.

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Just when I think the horror has ended . . . I am plagued by MORE boxes of HELLO KITTY!  See, this stuff is really cute, but whenever a box arrives and it says "Sanrio" on the side, I feel like running to a corner to cry.  They have not given me enough space to deal with this many pieces of JUNK!  So I finally broke down and expanded it into an unauthorized *gasp* section.  It was either that or try to recreate conditions during the Big Bang, and I think BAM execs look upon such things in an unfavorable light.  Exploding kids' section?  Bad for business.

I did E2 and fell asleep.  Because I am a slacker.  I woke up later and ate stuff I shouldn't.  Then I did editing for Stacy like a good girl and did some editing on my own stuff for Bad Fairy, and then I dicked around until it was time to go to sleep again.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

I almost didn't have time to get all my shipment out because a) I've been a slacker most of the week, b) I've been dealing with Hello Kitty during the times I wasn't being a slacker, and c) There were SO MANY CUSTOMERS.  What the hell is so special about June 9?  Maybe they knew I had shit to do.  I found a really cool cookbook called The Fairy Cookbook, and I wanted every recipe in it so I decided, what the hell, just buy it!  So I will.  Jeaux picked me up and I catalogued my stupids for the day (many customers means many stupids, you know), and then we went to Dan's.  We saw Live Action Sailor Moon.  Which is goddamn frightening.  Oh God. 

We watched Jeaux's tape of the Tony Awards and I made my own copy.  God, Kristin Chenoweth is so freakin' cute.  She's exactly my size, you know--4'11".  Too bad I am not a Broadway singer, because I could have auditioned for her role and said, "Hey, I'd be especially great because no one would even have to alter the wardrobe!"  Don't you think I'd make a good Glinda?  I'm blonde!

[glinda and elphaba]
Man, look how tiny she is!  Wheee!

Later we went to the Harry Potter movie, and it was good.  I just wanted to sleep after that--I was ver-ver-tired--and I'm like lying curled up on the bed while Jeaux's like "You want to watch Zim?  You want to watch Harvey?"  Dude, I want to watch nothin'. I'm TIRED and I've been WATCHING all day!  So I kicked my little feet and told him no in a temper tantrum sort of way.  He later described it as exceedingly cute.  Whatever.  I was mad!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Another day off.  Wasted.

No, NOT "another day off wasted."  The day was wasted, I wasn't--never mind.

Jeaux and I had breakfast at Huddle House.  Then we went to his house and watched some cool things that only look good on a computer that loads in a decent length of time (i.e., not mine)--cool clips from Wicked interviews and stuff.  I spent a lot of time after he took me home and left just re-reading my first Ivy book because my friend Cara wants to read it and I wanted to make sure it wasn't embarrassing.  It is.  But not so embarrassing that I can't let her read it.

I did E2 and ate broccoli.  Then I did DDR and bathed.  Strangely enough, when I checked my messages, Ammy told me she and Vanessa were going to be in town!  Wow!  They were driving through on their way to somewhere obscenely far away, and wanted to have din-din with me.  It was nice to catch up with them.  I gave Ammy a copy of my Musicals Mix because we were talking about musicals.  We ate at Harry's.  I had some fries and some water.  Ammy generously paid for me.  Imagine that!  After we got back I called a whole bunch of my friends and they weren't home.  Sarah, David, Julie, you all suck.  Haha.  Later I called Victor and made a blueberry-peach tart from scratch, crust and all.  Had to use those blueberries I picked last week, and hadn't gotten around to this tart thing.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Activities today were mostly limited to sulking and eating pie.  No drive, no motivation.  Just sulkiness.  I want to quit my job and sing on Broadway.  Hah.   Invited Mike over for pie before I ate it all.  I showed him some clips from the Tonys and did my laundry, and eventually kicked him out because I had crap to do.  I noded the book Eats, Shoots & Leaves and answered e-mail, then edited more Bad Fairy, put up recipes, read some Ivy, and played with the DDR game.  And I managed to sign Cara's yearbook through the magic of the Internet.

This concludes this week's activities!  Be sure to tune in next week by clicking the appropriate stupid button. . . .  


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