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Today I went to work and then hung out with Fred afterwards. After driving around looking for one restaurant and not finding it because of direction confusion on my part (despite having been there at least six times), we gave up and ate at Bono's. (Not exactly a desirable spot for your usual vegetarian, but then, I have always been an "order off the damn side menu instead of bitching" type of girl, and I did so.) Fred had some really good meat with fried okra, a sweet potato, and some beans. Me? I had a plate of fries, a fried corn cob, and a dinner salad. YUM.

Anyway, on the way out of the store I saw a paper sign hung up in the window, saying when they had become a non-smoking restaurant. Unfortunately someone had decided that Bono was not someone who could own a restaurant, and that the restaurant was named after the plural of said Bono. (Translation: It said Bonos instead of Bono's--they were missing the apostrophe.) So I went over there and wrote it in.

The cashier lady asked what I did and I told her, and she laughed and said "That's pretty bad," I assume she meant about the apostrophe being left out. I told her about the fact that at my bookstore there are packages of light bulb refills for the book lights, and their packages say "2 Blubs" on them. BLUBS! Sorry, we don't sell bulbs here. Just Blubs!



Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one. In my home town, there are several signs in a certain neighbourhood that say "Welcome Downtown!" I hope Downtown feels very welcome, but it's taking all of my energy to not go there and spray paint a few million 'to's on there...

I've made use of your..."correctional tickets" where you filled it out (one of the choices was "go back to school" or something like that) and gave it/pasted onto the offending thing. School notice boards are atrocious for mistakes like that. [katqueen]

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