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I'm Sinead O'Connor! Just kidding, I'm a bear!



It's been a good few days. On Saturday, the moon was full, and my friend Mike came over. We made luminous crescents (kind of like pizza rolls with no sauce) and crescent cake cookies. And then we had a circle. He'd mentioned at one point that he wanted me to teach him how I cast a circle so he'd have more idea of how to do his own, so I let him celebrate with me. It was pretty good, and very low-key (happily).

Then the next day, Sunday, was the equinox. I didn't do a ritual because I knew I'd be too tired and would regard it as work, so I waited until Monday to do it. It was a decent ritual, toned down from my usual but this one not by much. There was more meditation and reflection than my prescribed ones, though. Yay. I finished early and got to spend the rest of the day cleaning up after myself, doing dishes, and (of course) playing DDR.

Work's been nice. I've been doing more of the overstock. Today my district manager, the evil PJ, came through, and when I was informed of that by our manager (Stephen), he said, "So make sure that while she's here you look busy." Excuse me? I *am* busy. Whether someone's watching or not. I think he refuses to accept that someone might have a work ethic. (Not to mention that if I don't finish this overstock, my section will be jam-packed with CRAP.) And I actually care! SCARY!

Today he was two and a half hours late opening the store. He'd just slept in. Diana and I showed up at 6 AM, and I was all ready to start my overstock, happy-happy like. But he just never showed. We got bored, then hungry, and got food to share from the neighboring fast food place. Finally the café person showed up (at 8) and he STILL wasn't there. She assured us that Stephen's "usually a little late," and we informed her he was supposed to be there at SIX, so he was more than a little late. Hehe.

On Sunday my feet hurt a LOT. It was because I wore special shoes and they had no support and I dunno, maybe they were the wrong shape, 'cause my feet got cramps, I think maybe due to a subconscious need to keep them on by crunching my foot up. Remind me never to wear those shoes for an extended time period again. :P

That's about it.

BTW--the title of this entry is a line from a song called "I'm a Bear." It doesn't make any more sense in the song than it does on its own.


Just stopped by to say hello and see how things are going. It was good to hear a bit about having some peace, I haven't felt or seen much of that lately. Good to see you are still writing and I am still looking for a book with your name on it as I pass through the bookstores. :) [†BrotherJim™]

you are so cute [bale]

From the subject line, I thought you had cut off your hair.

Sounds like a wonderful time in Ivyland! :D A few nuisances & annoyances here and there just makes the good times all the sweeter (thinking of 'Be Happy' books). [katqueen]

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