Authoritative Condescension Conversation Index

Beware foul language. Some conversations date back to 1997; some information in the discussions may no longer apply. Spelling and grammar preserved.

  1. Jake. "I understand why you won't ever get publish by any mainstream publishing house. I also understand why you need to beleive that one day you will get picked up by someone. Perhaps a house that publishes fan fiction."

  2. Bro Mike. "Now, Ivy...let Bro Mike school you on a few things: When someone 'complains' too much about a non issue, PLUS they have DOK disease (Diarhea of the keys....ROTFL), its time to do a prayer and background check."

  3. physic. "Sweetheart, seriously. Grow out the bangs and own the fact you're 29, and stop posting pics of yourself/friends on the internet."

  4. Rick. "I would suggest you read about how the theory was started. If you think Darwin came up with the theory then you have a lot of reading to do. There has never been 1 instance of evolution; one 'kind' evolving into another completely different 'kind'. No evidence what- so- ever!"

  5. Alban. "But those of us who are Craft Elders all know that people like you will believe what they want to, without having any training or authority to do what you do"

  6. dia_lg. "To be a old lady with a lot of cats might not scare you now, but how many have you knew and were happy? try imagine yourself at 30+, 40+, 50+?"

  7. Carla. "God does listen to all of us and one day when you are a bit maturer he will approach you and bring to your remembrance this letter."

  8. b9. "Think summore. Grow-up summore. You have time before the end."

  9. Ryan. "Your ideas are that of a adolescent girl that has never had a date in her life and frankly need to do some increasable soul searching, so maybe you can grow up and see the world for what it is."

  10. oliver. "Sorry to point this out, but anyone who writes a thousand-word essay criticizing someone else's grammatical errors must stand criticism themselves."

  11. Wesley. "No offence, but perhaps you are not as good a writer as you think you are since you hold your impression of your own work in far higher regard than that of your readers, the latter being infinitely more important."

  12. Ugly Truth. "Wow. We have got to get you laid!"

  13. Lady. "How is someone from a country where they use only metric measurements supposed to magically guess what size cups you people use?!? Americans. Sheesh."

  14. Bus. "u should get this checked . . . it is not normal . . . a psychiatric can help you"

  15. Mike. "Get off your computer and get out of your house, meet a member of the opposite sex, start a fight, and stop the excessive shopping and masturbation."

  16. Doug. "Here's an idea: Why not get a real ISP and just use Internet Explorer or Netscape as your web browser? Is that too technical for you?"

  17. glnktz. "you are a miserable woman who is very unhappy with her life. Your only satisfaction is pointing out the shortcomings of others. Sad, sad, sad. You better love someone and let someone love you before its too late."

  18. capital. "Do you go to school? Then why do you carry on a facade of intelligence?"

  19. RW. "I dont like your attitude, i could tell your attitude by rading how you evaluate yourself"

  20. Pjs. "you play hard ball.. what is the longest boyfriend you ever had?"

  21. Thunder. "thats somethin id like to make a bet on...i bet in a year or two you will be married with kids"

  22. Larry. "it sound like you have no life.... let me guess you spend about three- four hours a day with your face in a book"

  23. Brit. "I do think you should think about what you write first and consider that what they say, could be the truth."

  24. THE DJ. "you do not understand the fulfillment sexuality and sexual freedom can bring to your life . . . we all build walls of security."

  25. Mystic. "I had hoped that you were adult enough to take the honest critisicm."

  26. Rob. "you are very intellectual for a girl that is online at 4 in the morning. im pretty impressed. . . . u really r a loser, you need to get some"

  27. Hous. "lol u spend toom uch time on here there's a world outside of your computer"

  28. MEDone. "you dont have many friends at all do you - you havent figured out that guys and girls get together"

  29. Ken. "The most popular defense mechanism is denial, please don't insult me by playing childish games..."

  30. Gifter. "I know who you are. Just talking to you I know so much about you.... I know almost everything"

  31. Aaron. "Hey, you need to be honest with yourself . . . trying to be unique never got me nowhere"

  32. Lickit. "you have to spend sojme time out of your books. u gotta a lot to learn."

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