Pointless Criticism Conversation Index

Beware foul language. Some conversations date back to 1997; some information in the discussions may no longer apply. Spelling and grammar preserved.

  1. Jake. "There is a funny sort of lack of emotion in the way you write. It is as if you have a separation of some sort. You also have a slightly hostile critical quality in your communciation. Are you aware of that?"

  2. physic. "your life reads like one long, sad study in deep personal inhibition."

  3. MusicalElitist. "you do realise The Beatles are English right?"

  4. Kerasa. "you're only 14, so i should feel sorry for you."

  5. Red EDGE. "you've been online for almost 4 hours this session....do you do anything else?"

  6. Cruisin. "What's wrong with you? You act way over sophisticated and it's just annoying."

  7. bouncin. "grow up. Laugh at something for christ sake."

  8. reddy. "Talk like a normal person. You're not above anyone."

  9. N s J o S h. "go get laid...o wait i forgot puberty didn't kick in for u n yur too god damn ugly not even a fuckin homeless person wud FUCK u"

  10. lol. "LIAR This was not a conversation you had"

  11. Ugly Truth. "You are an unhappy woman who desperately needs something besides grammar and a slightly higher IQ than most."

  12. Lady. "Too bad that rather than give a simple answer to a simple question, you've had to turn this into some kind of transatlantic slinging match."

  13. Anthony. "you r very ugly UGLY HAHAHAHA You cant block me your ugly"

  14. Mike. "whyt are u reading this? don't you have to go and keep working on your click website? its looking a little shitty."

  15. Doug. "Making a site all about you and your opinions is incredibly stupid. Talk about waste of space."

  16. glnktz. "Your only satisfaction is pointing out the shortcomings of others. Sad, sad, sad."

  17. Elyssa. "It was so boring i would die if i kept on reading!"

  18. capital. "my vocab is better than yours"

  19. Ano. "you have really good grammar . . . it kinda pisses me off . . . the capitalization, the questionmark"

  20. RW. "i bet you think you're special, unique and all, you know, shocking people with such unusual answers.well.......they are dumb!"

  21. Larry. "your trying to act so wise, and proper . . . I can tell your so full of crap"

  22. Brit. "i hate your site . . . your a bad speller"

  23. Red. "i think you really want to tlak about your bra size but you just make up this big thing about not wanting to just so you can eventually come to talk about it."

  24. Nicole. "I understand that this web-page-thingy building is what your into. I'm personally not into it, I'm into cheerleading,field hockey, softball,soccer, and other things. I just want to make you aware, maybe you should think before you type."

  25. Majid. "your drawings are very bad. not just very bad mind you, horribly bad. how can you say that you are any good?"

  26. JC. "please tell me you are kidding about weird al . . . are u a geek"

  27. ice. "are you some sort of robot that you have to use perfect english in everything"

  28. Paul. "Do you watch the Batman and Superman show a lot? I am getting extremely angry with you now!"

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