Elitism Conversation Index

Beware foul language. Some conversations date back to 1997; some information in the discussions may no longer apply. Spelling and grammar preserved.

  1. physic. "I'm only here because I have to take breaks from studying medicine, you have no excuse at all."

  2. eric. "believe me girls i've slept with don't act like this all uptight and shit i can cure you i understand most women because i've slept with tons of them"

  3. Alban. "I guess authority is a bad word in your furry pagan world!"

  4. MusicalElitist. "well you're American, you guys are usually stupid"

  5. JohnGville. "you're probably too small for me"

  6. Lady. "We all like to think that we live in the centre of the universe. That is human. But to insist that your bit really is the centre - well that is something the Americans share only with the French."

  7. glnktz. "I have a nice house, a great job that I love, and a partner who is the world to me. Why should I feel inferior to you?"

  8. JohnFla. "I just want you to know that you're missing out...you're not insightful enough"

  9. Dawasaaz. "wanna trade pics if single ? u wont be disappointed =)"

  10. capital. "you just seem to believe you're smarter than everyone on your website and I know i'm more intelligent than you"

  11. Ano. "you're good in that case, it's decent coding, but i hAte code, so anything that compares to mine is enough"

  12. RW. "who meets 'interesting people' on aol at night?? just losers, and me, of course"

  13. Larry. "I am a writer also.. my father owned a million dollar PR firm... I have been constructing sentences since i was five and I don't speak like my head is up my butt"

  14. Majid. "i can draw better than you... much better. if you want a sample then email me back"

  15. JC. "ive had more girls than youve had breakfast's . (and they are girls that ---im sure-- are 3 times as good as you)"

  16. THE DJ. "With my social status I am able to meet and attract a large number of women..."

  17. Byron. "i am very attractive...and i'm also very well endowd...FUN too.."

  18. MEDone. "im fine your missing out and you dont even know it"

  19. UFxxx. "I am very cute and I would hate to waste it"

  20. Ken. "I took two years of psychology in high school and although that doesn't give me any right whatsoever to judge you, I thought that what you needed was someone whom you yourself was attracted to and was intellectuallt aroused by. I know I was the closest you have ever been to someone with that character."

  21. TREX. "whatever bitch look at my pic and then talk your shit"

  22. ITLEY. "i want to at least send you my pic ok so u know who u r talking to and so u feel bad for talking to me like the way you did"

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