Asexual Bingo Conversation Index

Beware foul language. Some conversations date back to 1997; some information in the discussions may no longer apply. Spelling and grammar preserved.

  1. eric. "i think you just need to get laid it will relieve whatever stress you got goin on"

  2. dia_lg. "It's not clear if you didn't try, or tried and had bad experiences , in both cases it's not a reason to stop trying."

  3. bjb. "doesnt that make you not human? some kind of creature with no libido?"

  4. reddy. "why don't you actually have some fun?"

  5. lol. "clear evidence of some form of sexual abuse in her past."

  6. Bus. "u can be much hapier if u open up instead of blocking it out"

  7. THE DJ. "I think perhaps you simply have a psychological dependency upon being different."

  8. Rob. "why dont you like sex, r u planning on becoming a nun . . . whatever. you must have had a bad experience."

  9. M1. "do you masterbate? . . . you ever had anyone give you oral sex"

  10. MEDone. "your life must suck"

  11. Thunder. "what i think is you just are picky picky"

  12. TREX. "did u just get out of a relayionship . . . u dont get horny well mabey i can teach u a thing or 2"

  13. Azriel. "if you let me try, i will arouse you. i'm the one. trust me. i make housecalls."

  14. Ken. "Ivy, are you a human being? Are you a mammal? Sex is an instinct not a choice."

  15. Aaron. "I think you are suppressing your's a text book case..."

  16. Lickit. "some women, (most), like giving head. u wouldn't enjoy pleasuring the man in your life?"

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