Religious Conversation Index

Beware foul language. Some conversations date back to 1994; some information in the discussions may no longer apply. Spelling and grammar preserved.

  1. Bro Mike. "If you want a REAL fight? Renounce SATAN and SEE how much he'll 'love' you when you turn your back on him."

  2. Alban. "How dare you imply that by performing a self intiation ritual that a person is made a Witch and Priest/ess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As the Book of Shadows says ' May the CURSE of the Goddess be upon you'!!!!"

  3. Carla. "Trust me you are a lot immature and one day when all this makes sense to you, you are going to have to repent and ask God for forgivness"

  4. b9. "You seem to have your set of beliefs, friend. You're somewhat confused. Would you like to be a Catholic and see what splendor the Church can bring to your lifetime? Would you like to know the Way home? How old art thou? 14? 15?"

  5. Ryan. "To all the people that have tried to convert you GOOD FOR THEM, maybe they were trying, to get you to pull your head out of your ass."

  6. BrotherJim. "how much time have you ever took to really study the bible? Not a casual glance, but in depth study"

  7. des. "I've been lost and I've been found -- and FOUND is better!"

  8. Brooke. "u should really try goin to church cuz u r very snobby . . . when u'r a christian u do every thing good"

  9. Mystic. "You see sweetie, learning by ones self, has its benifits, but it also has its pitfalls. Your concepts on the LAWS need work."

  10. J. "Why would you not believe in the teachings of Christ Jesus?"

  11. Irish. "How can you be a pagan!!!! All you have to do is look at the world around and know that God is the Creator!"

  12. Edge. "you'll find out when you stand before the Judgement seat of Christ and are told to give an answer for your sins. Good luck."

  13. KRR. "How about living your life in the Christ-like way."

  14. Dana. "Other religions may have good causes, and they may be well-loving, but I'm sorry, they're still wrong!"

  15. Michelle. "I can't write to you anymore, because I'm a Christian"

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