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Gaurav: I found your essay on Eragon rather helpful -- I want to be a writer, and am developing a fantasy project of my own. Your review has given me some idea of what pitfalls to avoid. I've bookmarked it for future reference.

funkystars: I am a huge Eragon fan. But! I do think you essay has some points about it, and from reading that and all the comments I have seen on here it has given me some better direction with writing. I think it is a very good idea to not only know why people like something, but why they don't. So though I adore the books I am glad for such a brash essay that rips apart the books because I like to see all sides. That and it's made some good points about writing.

Daniel: I don't agree, but I don't disagree so much either. Mr. Paolini is not 'a kid'...

You 'supposedly'have written work better than Paolini's... how do you evaluate that?

Because you are egocentric and think it is better? Saying it was abysmal but still good shows just that...

Eragon was a good read, but not a hard book by any means, even for an 11-year old like me. It did lack certain qualities, and had borrowed names and phrases, but the languages weren't 'not close to German'. They were realy words from languages, even if you don't speak them and didn't care to notice.

I for instance, speak Russian, English (duh), Spanish, German, and French. Many words came from The first and last two of the above.

The fact that Christopher Paolini bothered to delve into those languages surprises me, but it was smart, nevertheless.

Yes, Eragon does lack some random things, and some of it is 'tacky', but you cannot compare it with, for instance, your personal work (not by any means saying it is bad, not having read it myself) is impossible, because Eragon, Eldest are different.

Don't encourage people to join because it's just wrong.

Okay, you think the book is bad...GOOD FOR U! But why criticize, put down, and tease the author? He didn't cause you any grief...who cares about what you think ANYWAY?

?You're just an egoistic jerk...

[Another commenter responded to this comment here. But MY response is in the hatemail section right here.]

Gaura: Hi,
I really like the way you mange to encapsulate everything that makes Eragon not that great a fantasy book. I thought this kid must be some mircale, until I realised that he basically took a little bit of this, and a little bit of that and gave it a stir.

Having said that, the marketing of this book is very clever, considering they aim at a young audience, who generally don't have knowledge of Star Wars, Tolkien, McAffery - so they don't realize the similarities in Christopher's work, and think he is a genius/god. I noticed this when browsing through his fan sites- all 13-16 year olds, who are unexposed as of yet to the fantasy greats. In a way I think Christopher's book is good- it simplifies and condenses some of the great elements of the master's works, and makes them available to a younger audience, giving them a taste for the fantasy genre. I just wish that the kids would realize that Eragon is not the unique book it seems, and someone would give them a list of the books sources, so they can read the truly great works of the aforementioned masters when they grow older, and wiser.

Ok- thatís my 2cents- thanks for your eloquent writings- its refreshing seeing an intelligent writer who is not verbose.


dragonrider: Do you dislike the book why, i like it .Its cool i read both books and wiating for the 3 book.It make me happy and i dream.It makes me to know there are a maze and confusion out please write back.



swankivy: Surprise! This e-mail bounced, because "dragonrider" couldn't be bothered to enter a real e-mail address even though this person wanted me to "write back." Here's my response:

Do you dislike the book why, i like it .Its cool

I think, if you read my essay, then you know I dislike the book.

Why? The essay said so.

I didn't like it and I *don't* think it's cool. But we have a difference of opinion.

i read both books and wiating for the 3 book

I read both books too. I am not looking forward to the third book, but I will probably read it anyway, because the books were written to be understood as a series. I will be more complete in my discussion of them if I have read them all.

It make me happy and i dream.It makes me to know there are a maze and confusion out there.

I think it is the *ideas* in Eragon that you like.

Chris didn't invent those ideas. He wrote about them and didn't do as good a job as the people who invented the ideas. That's why I don't like him.


"That Hateline"? I don't know what that means. But if you are talking about the hatelisting . . . I did not make the hatelisting. My friend Cara did. I support her listing and joined it, though.


It's hard to even tell what you're talking about here. But it sounds like you're saying you're writing a book. Well, good luck. Everyone needs to practice a long time before they can write something worthy of praise. It is a long road for you to travel, but maybe it will be worth it.

Nevan: This essay was brilliant. Just plain brilliant. I am no writer, I am only fourteen. I mean sure, I'm writing a short book, and have figured out the plot and storyline of another I am going to work on, but my writing sucks. If it got published even by the smallest company, I would commit hari-kari (sp?) on the spot. I say this because I can compare my work to CP's, and I find that mine is not much different. Sure, CP's book are about ten times as long, but that is because he adds fluff that does not need to be added to the book. And unlike Ineritance, my books are pretty original. Sure its not 100% original, no books are, but I actually took more than ten minutes to think mine up. I actually took a few months. But I am no writer at all. My work is basically long fanwork, which is exactly what Inhertance is-the longest fanwork ever written. I should write a letter to Guinness and tell them to put CP down for that record.

Thank you for writing an awesome essay.

Kuna: I've been reading all the negative comments left by people and the essay (many times in fact, I've read it to all my friends and they all find it very entertaining! and TRUE!) Anyway, you metioned being a writer and editor so I was wondering if you've had any published works that I could read becasue I would love to. Also, since you are a editor could give me some pointers on writing. Hahaha, guess what, I'm a young writer too! I hope if I get my stuff published someday they could live up to your expecatation because I respect your oppinions greatly (and agree with 'em too!). PLEASE reply as soon as possible, thank you!

Levi: Thank you for carrying the torch and shining the light of truth on the dung-heap that is Earon. I cried a single, diamond tear as I read your review.

Colton Lyons: Thank you for writing this wonderfully detailed assessment of the book "Eragon." I appreciate how you took the time to site specific examples that supported your reasoning especially when you talked about the items on his bedside table that were never mentioned again and added nothing to the story. Your essay has "enlightened me" to the true faults of Mr. Paolini. I knew there were some things wrong with it, but your connections to other authors literature was just remarkable. Good job conveying your thoughts in an orderly manner as well. (thats the hardest thing for me) Your critiques of the book flowed seemlessly from one to the next. I'm glad you took the time to really LOOK at the story, while most people just read it and refuse to see the blunt truth standing in front of them that this book is a cheap knockoff of: The Lord of The Rings and StarWars. I thought that this book had little to no originality. WELL DONE COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF! (seriously) :)

anonomous: I ablsoloutly agree with everything that you said. There is one thing, however that you have missed. The Belgariad, by David Eddings. Most of his main characters derive from that, much better series.

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