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Valerie: i am an eragon fan giving a hopefully constructive comment that is not just a hate email. I said basically the following. One thing was- when we read it, we were not looking for a great work of literary art- at least I wasn't. I read it on a school assignment, I did not want to read it, I was totally against it, and when I did read it I liked it for what it was. A cool fantasy book just for the fun factor, not the literary value nessesarily (wow, sorry I murdered that word). Also, with the random descriptions, it is something that all of our english teachers pound into our heads- describe everything, and use different words. We are handed SAT prep books and get all these words and we don't know what to use them for, so when we write we try to use them in our writing, so we use every word for said and every word for anything else. We are told not to be repetitive, and most- not nessesarily all of us- feel that we need to use something. I have seen that english is not taught very well very much anymore, I have never had a teacher who taught grammar and writing much, except when I was homeschooled. Its also true that Paolini got many of his ideas from Tolkien, Star Wars and other things. But borrowing is something authors do. I have tended to overlook many of the flaws to just enjoy it. The Ancient Language is not meant to be spoken or anything, and personally I laud him for trying to make one, I have read many books that just say- he whispered the magic words or jsut simply do the magic. To me, fantasy IS 'suspending disblief' fantasy is not real world things. One of the whole things about the book is destiny/fate and magic is one of the things in it. Eragons first time using magic WAS destiny/fate. Dragon Riders did things differently then other humans. I also applaud him for trying to get something published period. Its more than most of us can say. We put it off and say, well, I will have my whole life for this. Oh, one last thing about something you said, if Chris wants to go around in a midieval costume- then let him! He has the courage to go around in something like that, who are we to stop him. Its for the kids, not us. Ok, im done. I just went down and commented on what i had a problem with. if you hated it so much, why did are you wasting your time on it? I try not to dwell on the things that I hate (most of the time). But thanks, at least, for taking the time to write an educated hatelisting instead of just saying, its horrible. I do respect that. But enough of me. Thanks again for your time. Valerie, 14
PS- sorry if i got a little bit personally attacky at the end there, i don't mean it as harsh as it might have seemed.

Max Graham: I agree with you whole heartedly, and would like to add a pet peeve of my own: He gets knocked out ALL THE TIME! I'm a writer (finished my first book in may) and its maddening when a writer doesn't take the time to see a conflict through. Its one of the most challenging things ever, and I hate his use of loopholes.

Miranda:Why, hello there again! I have decided to comment again. Why? I have finished the book Eragon, and I can now fully appreciate every word you said in your essay, that's why. Hm. Well, what can I say? It took me ten times longer than any normal book, and when I finally struggled through to the end, I was relieved. Half the time, it felt like I was reading a poorly done LOTR. I must say, it saddens me when people read his book and say, "Gee whiz! This is great!". Why? it's not great. There are so many other fantasy novels that aren't as horrible as this one...anyhow, thank you very much for this enlightening essay.

KJT: I just read your essay and I have three comments to make.
1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. YES!
Absolutely right on all counts. This whole malarky pisses me off particularly because I, too, am a teenage author. I'm just about to publish my first novel, which I wrote when I was sixteen. I didn't just start then, either, I finished the whole thing during my sixteenth year. But it's only coming out now, three years on. Why? Because it took me that long to find a publisher. I had to do a lot of hard work and suffer a lot of rejections to get this far. And it embarrasses me that I was young when I wrote my novel, because now people will probably compare me to this guy who got lucky. But he and I are nothing alike. He got published because he got lucky. I got published because I'm good at what I do. I wouldn't mind his success, but I read Eragon and it was awful. Just plain amateur. I could write better than that at his age, and so can many other people I know. He displays his ignorance about writing at every turn, with ridiculous comments like 'characters are born out of necessity'... it's just wrong, I tells ya! He's giving people the wrong idea. But his publishers are to blame too. They've turned this guy into an exhibit at a freakin' media circus, and once his books stop selling they'll dump him. PS: I read Eldest, and it was even worse than Eragon. CP really should take writing classes. He should also sack his editor while he's at it.

Legendofwyn: Here is another who feels as you do about this "story".I have read the books and for me( I am a fantsy lover myself)this work bespoke blasphemy to the great writers of later years.It embarassed me too say I have read it.I may love dragons ,but I'm also a lover of great literature this book made me mad and it made me think"even I could write better than this guy!!???!!"Given a good many years he might write better but it would take a while.Thanks for voicing your opinion it has given me a place to voice mine.
The roses are for you and you essay SwankiVY.=)
[at]-->-- My Thanks,

Legendofwyn: You sure can prove your points!!!!I have found myself in much agreement to your arguments.Bravo!!I haven't read such a one for quite sometime.Thanks for voicing an opinion shared by others who share the same thoughts on the Ara....cough...Eragon stories.Such stories shame the world of fantasy.I have read Tolkiens trilogy and the Hobbit.I read his other tales too,(although I can't say I understood all of it=) but even as I read the first Eragon book the similarities stunned me into silence.From then out I read with caution noticing many of the points you mentioned in your essay.Well-spotted SwankiVY.

Kassie: Hi. I loved your essay. I read it before I read Eragon and was thinking wtf?!?! Ardwen? Isenstar?? But I read it anyway ('cos my friend who sits next to me loves it). But anyway, Eragon just made me mad. It was a ripoff of LotR and Star Wars as you said, and just freakin' boring. I nearly screamed, got up and banged my head on the wall when the elves sailed across the sea in their "silver ships". Not to mention I could hardly find any good Eragon-bashing on the internet, and enjoyed reading this. So good job!!!

Loki: Yes... YES! Somebody GETS IT! *tears of joy* You don't know what a relief it is to find somebody who understands... and writes it down for everyone to see. Finally, somebody that understands why the "single tear" pisses me off so much. Perhaps you could even understand why I take a drink whenever "Also" followed by a comma pops up in front of a sentence. I'm pleased to have read this. It restores some of my hope in humanity... though it hardly restores my innocence. That was lost long ago. Well, kudos to you. And it isn't his father by the way, it's just damned close.

kuringai-1: Haha! Great essay. I realised not to use every variation of the word "said" when I was twelve. Please tell me if any book of yours is published.


swankivy: Note that I'm being bashed as "stupid" by someone who's using every counterargument I already put to rest, in capital letters no less. Yes, of course, there are no original ideas left in the world, so the Age of Copying must begin, led by the great Mr. Paolini, who shall be given carte blanche to steal whatever he likes and reinvent it OR NOT and have his butt licked by fans for it. Anyone ever notice how most of the people who disagree with me write shit like THIS?

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