Sexism Conversation Index

Beware foul language. Some conversations date back to 1997; some information in the discussions may no longer apply. Spelling and grammar preserved.

  1. eric. "women need a man for guidance they are blind without one i understand most women because i've slept with tons of them"

  2. Cruisin. "Get a grip on life and stop being an uptight woman. I think you mistake independence with isolation."

  3. bouncin. "You sound like some narrow minded feminist lesbian. *lmao*"

  4. des. "You definitely ARE one independent lady. But I like you, anyway."

  5. BaseIine. "I dont like GIRLZ...I either kill or rape them...uzually both"

  6. MAINIAC. "a pretty girl like you should be at a party or something or with your b/f"

  7. Nails. "HOW ABOUT THAT BITCH?! get back in the kitchen and make my dinner bitch"

  8. MEDone. "lesbien huh - what are you womens lib"

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