Essays Page - Anecdotes

Here are my anecdotal essays; these provide a peek into some little corners of my brain. These are just the ones in the "anecdotal" category; you can go back to the main essays page to check out the other types. Some that were written at a specific time no longer apply to my current situation and were written in the passion (or more often, annoyance) of a moment, so take them at face value. And best of all, you can leave comments, or read the comments of others!

Personal Ramble/Anecdote-Related Essays
21 Things The essential "21 Things" I want in a close relationship of any kind. Based on Alanis Morissette's song "21 Things I Want in a Lover."
The Bible as a Thief Repellent My conversation with a guy who hides money in his Bible, and my reaction.
Kiss Lady The saga of a Spanish-speaking lady who routinely let her child wreck my children's section while working at the bookstore and ruined my appreciation of Spanish.
Diary of a Writer Stream-of-consciousness weirdness about the flow of time during the creative process.
Crappy Boss Comments How did he get to be manager anyway?
Eccentricity A reposted clip from a psych textbook defining whether a person can be considered "eccentric," with my explanation of how said attributes describe me. Surprising conclusions about eccentric people are included.
Happy Easter! My discussion of the weirdness of saying "Happy Easter" to someone who doesn't celebrate it, and what I plan to do in response.
The Horror of Romance How I came to love science fiction.
Losing My Job I lost my job as a chat host with Kids' WB! Online when the site was restructured, and this is my ramble about it.
Nighttime My discussion of being nocturnal, with a poem.
Random Stripper at Large? Why am I finding these clothes on the side of the road?
Some Vegetarians are Jerks A short description of an encounter I had with a militant vegan who judged me for wearing a leather jacket.
When Too Much Dungeons and Dragons Changes Your Religion The saga of my wannabe-Wiccan stalker, a boy whose roleplaying games seem to have gotten just a little out of hand. . . .
Why Didn't Jesus Remind You? An encounter with a preacher outside Wal-Mart, with a funny anecdote.
Why I'm a Vegetarian If you're curious about why I don't eat meat and a history of my vegetarian habits, read this.