Random Stripper at Large?

Written in 2002--Some info no longer applies.

Today I had to ride my bike to and from work because the buses weren't running. This is not unusual in itself; I do this at least once a week. However, my ride home was a very unusual one in that I do not usually see signs of a recent strip show while coasting along in the bike lane.

First I see a bra. A bra, just lying there by the side of the road. Little underwire job with lace on it. I laugh as I zoom past, wondering how a BRA got there and thinking it was probably some kind of prank. My college roommate, after all, once accidentally threw a bra at a cop, though that is a completely different story which I may tell at another time if someone reminds me. This was just another random bra in my life, lying by the side of the road.

And then, about five minutes later, I passed the shirt.

Little baby tee shirt type, like hot mamas like to wear when they're trying to be hoochied out but still casual. First I wonder why the bra came off first, then I realize it's possible they were riding the other direction. Oh my, I think. Unless these are unrelated articles of clothing, which seems doubtful, I do believe we've a topless motorist on our hands. I ride on.

And then I see the underwear. Yes, a little pair of panties decorating the roadside's sickly strip of green.

I don't even want to think about it.

She must've tossed her pants or skirt or whatever in a location past my apartment complex. Let's just say I'm not going to go look for it. I am disturbed enough as it is.

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Mikey: Since I was a little one I have seen the side of roads littered with all kinds of strange and unusual stuff some I can't mention here for the safety of children's eyes, and in simple people are strange, and for the random stripper at large well quite possible indeed I think I would just be more curious as to know why. The mysteries!

Sardonyx: LOL, funny! My uncle died last night, huge shock, and reading this sort of brightened my day a bit, so thank you for what you weren't intending, if that was to creep people out or make them laugh or whatever and I'm aware this is one big run-on sentence. I have a dirty, dirty mind and I can really twist this thing around...hahaha. Bra, then shirt, then underwear...that put a smile on my face.

Viorica: I once found a bra snagged in a tree brance. The trees around it had grown to form their own little glade . . . I guess whoever was there thought it was a fine and dandy place to disrobe.

CursedFreedom: It like the age old unanswered question... Why do you only see one shoe on the side of a highway?

Well, okay, it's sorta like that...