Crappy Boss Comments

(Written in 2002--some info no longer current.)

"So what does that mean, you're Pagan?"

My new boss asks me this question a few weeks ago, and I tell him basically what I believe, and admit to the heinous crime of basically practicing witchcraft. He seems okay with it, though he doesn't know quite what to make of it. But I am somewhat used to that, and so I ignore it.

And then somehow he gets it into his head that every single aspect of my life has something to do with my being Pagan.

"So," he asks when the bigwigs are supposed to visit our store for inspection, "you got any good spells you can do so we get a good grade?"

This comment receives an eyeroll.

And later in the day, when he asks me if I can stay an extra hour, I refuse due to the fact that I have to meet a friend for lunch and have no way of contacting him to tell him I need to postpone, since he's from out of town and on his way here.

His reply: "Uh, so is that one of your little Witch friends?"

Me: (blank look) "Huh? No. . . . "

Boss: "Oh. Just curious."

Me: "Uh, why did you ask me if it was one of my 'little Witch friends'?"

Boss: (shrug) "I dunno, you said they were coming from out of town. . . . "

And he said this like it was legit, like this was a sensible reason for why he would think my friend was a Witch. I am now puzzled about this. Do Witches have to be from out of town? Are all out-of-towners suspected of witchcraft? Are Witches only friends with other Witches? I'm honestly confused. And he refuses to clarify, because he's embarrassed.

That was really crappy.

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Comments from others:

Mikey: Oh yes the what can you do for me, but I don't want to really understand what it means to be Pagan, some secret coven some save-all spell "hocus pocus you will have a great visit" and all witches hang out only with other witches, I think I can guess who the boss is. Oh yes I think I can, perhaps it's better that some things are left unsaid.

Aurora: Well, although I am Pagan this never happened to me. My GM did once tell my I should wear a short skirt and low cut shirt to sell more discount cards, though.

CursedFreedom: I've seen an aethist say some similar quotes to a Christian once... "Well, I'll be off now..." "Where, to church, or to a prayer session?" Why are some people so weird... (that doesn't exclude me)

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