Sometimes I like to stay up through the entire night.

If it's up to me, my sleep schedule defaults to one that involves staying up at night and sleeping in the day. And sometimes I'm on a polyphasic schedule that involves napping at all times of the day but being awake for most of it. I do this partly because if I have to sleep through it, I really miss being up in the night. I would much rather be awake all night than awake all day.

My sleeping habits tend to give people the wrong idea. Some people have kiddingly asked me if I'm a vampire . . . this kind of insinuates to me that they think I only play "nocturnal" because I want to be trendy and gothic or something. But honestly, I don't think that the absence of light really makes nighttime any more "dark." Let me explain.

There is nothing creepy about nighttime. I'm not opposed to socializing (well, not really). I'm not afraid of the sun. But I prefer the night for a lot of reasons. First of all, I love the stars and the way the moon looks in the night sky. Second, I like the fact that there just aren't as many people about at that time . . . it seems to make it easier for me to get done what I want to get done (i.e., writing, working on my websites). And lastly, there's something about night that just works for me. Sometimes it is a drag to have a lot of stores closed during my waking hours, but if I end up having to go out somewhere that's only open in the daytime, I just wait for the sun to come up.

Incidentally, a lot of people who are my friends are at least some degree of nocturnal as well . . . I'm not alone in this, I promise. :) Annoyingly, some people I talk to online think that no one is online at "that time of night" unless they're looking for sex, but that's obviously not true.

I'll end with a poem I wrote, and then you'll just have to find something else to do.


Looking at the clock one night,
I see it's half past three.
I wonder what I'd do with time
if it were meant for me?

I spend my life waiting for the sun,
but all I see are the stars.
I stand by the street out in the night
and watch the passing cars.

Here I am.
What am I doing wrong?
I want to stop one of those cars and say,
"Can I come along?"

Here I am.
I'm lost out by the street.
All I need is some help
to get to my feet.

Looking at the sky I see
the stars are already gone,
and thousands of feet above my head
the clouds are moving on.

I want to hitch a ride on a cloud.
At least they go somewhere.
I can't ask them where they lead,
But at this point I don't care.

Because it's daytime,
And the daytime is nighttime to me.
When the sun comes out of the ground,
all I want to do is sleep.

Sometimes daytime makes me feel
as if I've lost my way,
and I get farther off the path
with every passing day.

Nighttime sometimes traps me in,
but daytime scares me so.
Nighttime is a friend to me,
and day I'll never know.

Here I am.
I'm lost but I'm not free.
I am stuck in the dark,
can someone please help me?

Here I am.
Alone, no friends in sight.
It is times like this
I wish I was made for the light.

I enjoy my darkened life;
the trouble is I'm alone.
I would never desert the moon,
but sometimes I wish I'd known . . .

That when I embraced the stars,
I couldn't touch dawn again.
So my friends will always be
just my thoughts and my pen.

Because the daytime lacks the magic
that night is within.
I chose to give up the light
so other songs could begin.

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Comments from others:

Mikey: yeah the night I don't think most people truly realize how beautiful it is the peace and quiet of the silent songs a velvet sky dressed with stars and moon. Great poem as well.

Lisa: I will be honest with you. I'm thirteen, and can't stay nocturnal all year round. However, during the summertime when I'm away from school, I sleep most of the day and am up most of the night. I often spend time looking at stars and the moon, I find them beautiful. I love the silence and peace I get, during the day I feel it's just too noisy.
I enjoy spending the night awake and the day asleep, it's just what suits me. I don't do it because it's 'cool' or 'gothic'. I *smile*

Fliq: Night time. The best time, although I like day aswell.

Roxie: I got the reverse condition---I'm a "day person". Yet almost everyone around me is a nightowl and gives me a hard time for not being able to stay up passed 12am.

I don't see nocturnal as bad thing but people need to learn to respect oneanother's biological clocks.

Nyasu: Nighttime pwns. ^^ Most of the time I find myself staying up until 5 for no real reason, and even then, I onl go to bed because I think "Gee, maybe I should" instead of actually being tired. Unfortunately, I can't sleep during the day. At all. Light kills me. >< Even the slightest bit streaming around the drapes.

I love the quietness of night, and most of my better fanfiction writing is produced from 11 pm to 2 am. Although I hate going downstairs at 3 am to get some ice to chew on (ice = best snack ever) only to find out that everyone's still awake. It's creepy. o_o Nighttime is for me, and me alone--everyone else in the house must be asleep or else! 8D