Happy Easter!

Written close to Easter in 2002--some info no longer applies.

I've been counting the number of people who wish me Happy Easter. If anyone reading this doesn't know, I'm Pagan, and by my standards, most of y'all are REALLY late dyeing those eggs; the equinox was almost a month ago now. Anyway, at work goofy people have been wishing me a happy Easter, which honestly isn't offensive because I know they only mean well. It's when I really start thinking about it that it starts to bug me.

When they wish me Happy Easter they must either assume I celebrate it or don't realize it's a religious holiday and that there are people who don't buy into it. You can't really wish a happy Easter in a non-religious way; it's like wishing someone a Good Yom Tov or a happy Ramadan. I know I'm probably reading too much into it; they were having a happy Easter (or looking forward to one), and just want to wish me the same, without really thinking about it. But still it gets a little under my skin, thinking they're wishing me a happy day-that-another-religion's-savior-rose-from-the-dead. That's really pretty weird.

So maybe I will take this count of people who wished me a happy Easter, and when Beltane rolls around, I will wish the same number of people a happy Beltane. "Happy what?" "Oh, ya know, Happy Beltane. May your fertility rites go well, and may your skirts not burst into flames while leaping the balefire." Uh. Maybe then they'd see how weird it is to me that they're celebrating the rise of a dead guy 2000 years ago and want me to have a particularly happy day because of it.

But in reality, all it will earn me is strange looks.

And after all, they're just trying to be nice. Yeah.

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Mikey: Well now I think that the end hit it right on the nose at least they all seem to have good intentions and yes I think that you would most likely get the lobsters crawling out of the ears look wishing most a happy Beltane.

Ana Pires: I understand what you mean... I usually just reply with "Happy holidays" :x

Marintha: Forgive me while I cheer. I'm not the only pagan alive! ^^* Sorry, I've been getting a bit lonely surrounded by everything but... Or by the people who think pagan = witch/devil worship. :sigh:

I've never really understood easter all that much... I guess it turned into a greeting card holiday. To quote some random comedian I don't remember the name of "Oh look, Jesus is back, hide the eggs!"

Saz: Well, as a Christian, I believe that Easter is a very important day - not just because Jesus rose from the dead, but because he died on the cross in order to save the world from sin. He rose from the dead, showing that we too can rise from the dead (figuratively) and go to heaven if we believe in Him and follow His teachings.

Ok, that's just an brief explanation of why Easter is important to Christians. When someone wishes another a "Happy Easter" it is usually said without thinking - so i agree with you there.

I don't think it should be taken with offense though - for instance, i am not Muslim, but if i meet a Muslim and know that Ramadan is approaching, i will greet them with a "Happy Ramadan". I may not believe in the religion, but i will still wish the other person a good celebration.

In the case mentioned above it is a person not of that religion greeting a member of that religion, so i guess it is different in your case: christians greeting you, a non-Christian. In this case, i think it IS a bit presumptuous of them to wish you a happy Easter when you do not celebrate it, but they probably do not mean harm, as you said.

Also, Easter, much like Christmas, has become a very secular holiday. Many people who celebrate Easter do not know what they are celebrating, and are just using at as any other public holiday. I will not go into whether this is right or wrong, because it will not change anything - but BECAUSE it has become so secularised, the day can be enjoyed by anyone, really, whatever their faith. So someone greeting another with "Happy Easter" may just be wishing them a good day, with no religious meaning behind it.

Mel: I'm atheist, and people wish me a happy Easter/Christmas/Religious Holiday all the time. I just reply with "You too!" and leave it at that. It only really irritates me when my close friends do it, as they KNOW I don't celebrate those holidays (although I do give gifts at Christmas, because I'd feel like a jerk if everyone gave me presents and I gave them nothing in return). It's just something people do without thinking, especially since Easter's such a big thing now, what with Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs. They mean well by it, so I wouldn't be too bothered. They're only trying to be nice, after all.

Karen: Could't have said it better myself, And It's good to know I'am not alone as a Pagan. Thankyou.

Helen: I'm Pagan too and it does make me laugh that its generally celebrated the Pagan way, with bunnys and eggs. But at the same time seen as a christian holiday, how many cards are they with Jesus on the cross on them, Ive never seen one. But then someone that has risen from the dead 2000 years ago can not be physicaly noticed, as the trees and new born animals that the Spring brings us. And that as Pagans is what we celebrate.