Unwanted Advances Conversation Index

Beware foul language. Some conversations date back to 1997; some information in the discussions may no longer apply. Spelling and grammar preserved.

  1. eric. "i think you really need to get laid gimme your number i'd be happy to do it too"

  2. JohnGville. "you're cute I'd fuck ya"

  3. Dawasaaz. "u wanna talk on phone? look at my pic"

  4. MAINIAC. "its just lunch its not like i am gonna hit on you or anything"

  5. BayAreaFilms. "lets fawk for fun. i know you get around so it shouldnt be a problem"

  6. Billiam. "ill take you out some place real nice"

  7. THE DJ. "what do you look like? Perhaps I want to invite you to my house..."

  8. Gifter. "Want to meet for some fun sometime? . . . talk over a nice meal..one on one. maybe candlelights"

  9. Phunk. "i was just hoping you and i could maybe get together and have some fun...not a one night thing either...why don't you ever give it a chance?"

  10. Ken. "I think that sex is something that you could enjoy if you did it with someone with similar activities as you. If there was anyone, it was definetly me."

  11. Paul. "I was just messing with your mind. And maybe sometime we could go out together. I am a single one you know."

  12. Azriel. "have you ever received head? I hear I'm real good. i'd love to try it on u if you don't mind."

  13. Live pe. "u are so cute i wonder if ther is a chance for me !!!!!!!!!!!! lol :))))))))"

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