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The Ivy Photo Album

Pictures of just me, for the curious fans.

Various 2018 Photos

Pictures from 2018 that highlight fun experiences of this year.

Pictures from Previous Years

Pictures from 2007 through 2017.

PhotoJournal Calendar

A whole year in representative photos, in calendar format.

The Yearly Swankivy

A progressive photo gallery featuring a representative picture of me from each year of my life.

Baby Pictures

Photos of me as a baby and young child.

Halloween Album

Collection of Halloween albums, from various early Halloweens up through recent costumes. Covers up to 2018.

Renaissance Faire Album

Collection of Ren Faire albums, from 2006 to 2014.

Family Album

Individual and group photos of my family.

Friends Album

Packed with pictures of the ones who are annoyed by me on a regular basis.

Me-With-Friends Album

Group photos of me and my friends.

Miscellaneous Album

Weird photos I couldn't really fit into any category.

Katelyn's Album

My friend Meghan has an awesome daughter! These are pics of Katelyn and those who love her.

Benjamin's Album

Meg and Brendon have a great little boy: Benjamin, Katelyn's brother. All pictures of the little squirt.

Old Bookstore Work Photo Album

Photo album of some fun I had over the years while working at the bookstore. Differently formatted.

Current Work Photo Album

Very small not-very-interesting album showing my work space. Differently formatted.


Fred and Kathy's Wedding 2018

Fred and Kathy got married in Phoenix!

Metrocon 2018

Metrocon in costume again!

Metrocon 2017

My friends Victor and Jeaux and I went to a convention in costume!

Patricia's Visit 2016

My sister came for the holidays with husband Yusuke and son Ash!

New Port Richey Beach Vacation 2016

My friends and I rented a beach house and hung out for a week!

New York 2015

I went to New York for book awards and fun with family/friends!

Birthday 2015

Meghan and I celebrated our birthdays in Cape Coral!

Patricia's Visit 2014

My sister came for the holidays with husband Yusuke and son Ash!

Disney 2014

Victor and I went to Disney with Meghan's family for the holidays!

Asexuality Conference, Toronto 2014

I attended this international WorldPride-affiliated event and spoke on a couple panels, promoting my book in the process.

Lindsay and Mike's Wedding 2014

Baby sister Lindsay got married, and Patricia's family came to visit!

Road Trip with Meghan, January 2014

Meghan and I celebrated our birthdays and 20 years of friendship with a road trip through Charleston, Myrtle Beach, DC, and Charlotte!

San Francisco Visit 2014

My mom and I visited San Francisco to see my sister and brother-in-law and meet my new nephew Ash!

Fred and Patricia Visit 2013

Fred visited me the first week of October 2013 and Patricia's visit overlapped.

Metrocon 2013

Victor, Michael, and I went to Metrocon in costume.

Disney 2013

In May 2013, I went to Disney World with Meghan's family.

Creating Change 2013

I went to Atlanta to speak on the Asexual Voices panel at a national LGBT conference.

Patricia's Visit 2013

My sister Patricia and her husband Yusuke spent Christmas and New Year's visiting Florida.

Patricia's Visit 2012

My sister Patricia and her husband Yusuke spent the first week of January visiting Florida.

Victor's Visit 2011

In October and November 2011, Victor visited me for Halloween and other fun.

Disney 2011

July 2011, I went first with Meghan's family and then with Eric and Stephanie to Disney theme parks.

Grandpa's 90th Birthday

April 2011, my family had a beach vacation on Anna Maria Island.

San Francisco trip 2010

December 1-5, 2010, Mom and I visited my sister and brother-in-law in California.

Anna Maria Island 2010

August 5-12, 2010, some friends and I rented a beach house for fun and games.

Michigan trip 2010

June 4-8, 2010, I visited Jessie in Ann Arbor and got to meet Cara as well.

EPCOT trip 2010

February 6, 2010, I went to EPCOT with Sarah as a birthday present.

Patricia and Yusuke's Wedding 2009

August 1, 2009, my sister got married. I was maid of honor!

OKCupid Tampa Meetup

OKC site members met up in the park in
May, 2009, for fun, food, and friends.

Meggie and Brendon's Wedding 2008

October 12, 2008, Meghan and Brendon got married. I was maid of honor!

Dalí museum with Mikey 2008

In September 2008, Mikey and I saw the Dalí museum and went shopping in Tarpon Springs.

Ronni's Wedding: July 2008

My visit to Chicago to be a bridesmaid in Ronni and Adam's wedding.

Fred's Visit: July 2008

Fred came to Florida, and we visited the beach, family, and friends.

Victor's Visit January 2008

Victor visited me in Tampa for the first time in over a decade, plus my 30th birthday.

Christmas 2007

Photos from a party at Mom's and Christmas morning at Mikey's.

Visit with Fred December 2007

Fred and I visited family and friends near and far.

Road Trip with Mikey Fall 2007

Mikey and I took some time off work to drive around to Gainesville, St. Augustine, Ocala, and St. Pete.

Fred's Visit April 2007

Fred came from Phoenix over his birthday weekend to see my family and our friends.

P's Visit April 2007

My sister Patricia's visit to the U.S. with her boyfriend Yusuke.

New Year's 2007

Little get-together at Mom's to celebrate the beginning of 2007.

Fred's Visit December 2006

Visit with Fred, winter fun, and trip to Jessica's.

Fred's Visit Summer 2006

Visit with Fred, summer fun, and trip to Meggie's.

Road Trip with Mikey Spring 2006

Road trip to Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine.

Mom and Butterflies 2005

Mom visited Mikey and me and we went to the butterfly exhibit.

Florida Tour with Mikey 2005

Mikey and I visited St. Pete, Tampa, Orlando, and Gainesville on a four-day road trip. Album in frames.

Fred's Visit Spring 2005

Fred's Visit: Tampa to see my mom and sister, a party at Meghan's, and Sarasota with Dad and grandparents.

Visit to Ronni's 2004

I went to Ohio to visit my 'Net girl friend Ronni!

Phoenix/Las Vegas 2004

Phoenix and Las Vegas with Fred July 2004!

Anime Convention JACON 2004

Went to an anime convention with Jeaux.

Fred's Visit February 2004

Another vacation with Fred coming to visit me in Gainesville.

Dieter's Visit 2004

February 2004, my online pal Dieter came all the way from Georgia to see me.

Japan Scrapbook 2003

I spent a week in Japan with my mother, visiting my sister. Frames page.

Fred's Visit Summer 2003

Fred visited me in Gainesville, and we visited Tampa for karaoke and canoeing.

Fred's Visit Summer 2002

Fred and I went camping at All World Acres, attended a Pagan gathering, and saw friends and family.

Fred's Visit Summer 2001

Fred came to visit me and we enjoyed good food, good friends, and good fun.

Christmas 2000

Various friends and family gather at my parents' house for the holiday season.

Jessica's Wedding May 2000

My friends Jessica and Ron got married, and Fred and I attended the festivities.

Spring Break 2000

I spent Spring Break with Fred this year, and we shared a number of fun activities.

Winter Solstice 1999

I visited Fred in California and celebrated the Winter Solstice, among other things.

Anime Convention AWA 1999

I attended Anime Weekend Atlanta. I dressed as the character Washu, but my wig didn't work out.

Melbourne Visit 1999

Fred came to visit in May '99, and we went to visit our friend Jessica in Melbourne.

Visit With Bunky March 1999

I went to snowy Ohio to see Bunky!

Las Vegas January 1999

I went to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday as a gift from my dad.

Chris's Visit Halloween 1998

Chris from Alabama came to party and go trick-or-treating with me and my friends.

David's Visit 1998

My online friend David from Malta came to Florida and stayed with me for a few weeks.

Fred's Visit July 4 1998

On very short notice, Fred and I arranged our first meeting ever on a whim!

Memorial Day 1998

James and Chris, friends from the 'Net, came to visit me all the way from Alabama.

Summer Vacation 1997

I went house-hopping up the Eastern Seaboard with my then-roomie John until he dropped me off with Blink and Rowan in Virginia.

Spring Break 1997

Blink and Rowan and I went to Six Flags and hung around.

Victor the Sho's Visit 1996

Victor, my MuMu Land online friend, visited me over Winter Break in 1996.

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