Modern Goddess 2


Technical Aspects
Story length: 1,814 words/6 pages double spaced
Voice: First person, past tense
Genre:Modern Fantasy
Copyrighted: 1997
Story information
Main character: Unnamed NYC resident
Character description: Still-rebellious girl who has recently discovered she is the daughter of God and is trying to learn what that means.
Supporting characters: David: The main character's new friend/enemy and "brother," also a child of God.
Setting:Modern times, New York City
General Plot
The main character meets a guy named David who also claims to be God's child, and he tries to get her on the right track. He is religious and she doesn't know the meaning of the word, and he tries to get her to listen to her "father." She is annoyed by him and at one point she tries to hit him but somehow isn't able to. That is when David reveals to her that God protects his children and also gives them special abilities to "fight evil." David has the ability to simply make anyone or anything go to sleep. He encourages the main character to try to find her "power," and makes fun of her when she says she doesn't have any. Quite by accident, she discovers she has the ability to set things on fire by thinking about it--David's hair is her first target. After that she just spends time burning things for fun, ignoring David's advice to use it for good and not for just "fun." She isn't interested in listening to him, though, and continues to go about without direction.
Information, inspiration, and other notes
The first "Modern Goddess" was so well-received at Poetry Jam that I decided to attempt another one. The language is foul and it is a cute story, but in my opinion not as thought-provoking or well-written as the first one. It came out as kind of a surprise, and my inspiration is pretty much the same as the first "Modern Goddess."

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