Her Experiment

© 2014

Technical Aspects
Story length: 10,000 words/35 pages double spaced
Voice: First person, present tense
Genre:Contemporary fiction
Copyrighted:© 2021
Story information
Main character: Lucas
Character description: A mid-twenties man who keeps nightmares at bay with his deceased father's mysterious bracelet
Supporting characters: Melody: Lucas's cruelly curious fiancée; Lucas's mom (living) and dad (deceased); Shellie, a counselor; Cathy, a bookstore clerk
Setting:2020s, indeterminate city
General Plot
Lucas had bad dreams in his childhood--until his father, who claimed to be a wizard, gave him a bracelet that actually works to keep the bad dreams away. Now his fiancée, Melody, is obsessed with why he wears it to bed, and uses her "scientific investigation" techniques to pressure him into explaining it, then experimenting on him to try to cure the dreams another way--at the expense of Lucas's healthy sleep. Can he really marry her now that he's seen her dark side?
Information, inspiration, and other notes
This was partially inspired by a conversation with someone who got mad at me because an acquaintance of mine had a traumatic experience and he wanted to know more about what happened to her. He was furious that I didn't sacrifice her comfort to ask questions about the trauma and satisfy his curiosity about it. It's also partially inspired by my asexuality awareness activism and how some people think they should be allowed to make activists very uncomfortable with personal questions, and that we don't deserve to call ourselves educators if we aren't completely open to discussing absolutely any topic despite possible discomfort. I didn't like this story when I wrote it, but somehow it sold to the first place I submitted it.

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