Glass Dawn


Technical Aspects
Story length: 1,940 words/10 pages double spaced
Voice: Third person, past tense
Genre:Young-adult fantasy
Copyrighted: 1998
Story information
Main character: Dawn
Character description: Dawn is an adolescent who is caught between childhood and adulthood, and is not sure what to do with the part of her that is still a child.
Supporting characters: Glass Dawn: Dawn's reflection. A fantastical combination of a piece of her, a collection of her past, and her imaginary friend.
Setting:Indeterminate past or present, rural setting (though this is not obvious in the story)
General Plot
Dawn is angry with the personification of her childhood (her reflection) because she seems to have been being watched when she was out with Tim. She has a conversation with her reflection and discusses what should happen to a person's childhood when he or she begins to grow up. Dawn thought that she would have to leave her childhood behind and figured she'd better start doing it, but Glass Dawn convinces her that she must take her childhood along because she became what she is by first being a child. Without her childhood, Glass Dawn tells Dawn that she will freeze.
Information, inspiration, and other notes
Weirdly enough I thought of this one pondering the Hugga Bunch dolls, who came from "the other side of the mirror" or so the story goes. Also I had written a couple of poems about not leaving the past behind (take a peek at one of them: "Keys to the Past"), and I decided to elaborate.

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