They say once you come to a fork in the road
and you choose the left path, not the right,
you'll wander around, try to find your way back,
but you'll find you lost track of the site.

They say the same things happen often in life;
that we sometimes will make a decision
and then wish forever that we'd taken care
to make choices with extra precision.

Many are types who bemoan what they lost
and complain they're in need of the key
to the door which would open the future back up
and allow them to shift destiny.

I think there is nothing that's all said and done.
Our choices are all without bound.
Sometimes the doors of the past can be opened,
for certain lost keys can be found.

In almost all cases, the past is not gone,
and the ways are at our fingertips.
Our keys are not lost when we keep them around
with the elements of today's trips.

Right on the keyring you use every day
there are often a couple of keys
that you had completely forgotten about
but whose memories manage to please.

Some of the keys are much harder to find,
such as those that you used as a spare;
under a doormat, or locked in a box
that you still have the key to somewhere.

Sometimes the ways to the past are not lost,
but are simply forgotten about.
Once we accept that our doors are wide open,
it's easy to find the way out.