Glass Dawn


Review #8:
Reviewed by: Greg
I really did enjoy the story and I'll properly review it another time but how is it that your stories don't come up on Google searches? I was looking for this to read again and it didn't come up?

[swankivy: I don't know, Greg. I don't control what is on Google, but all of my short stories that can be read on this page aren't moving. Some of them aren't available because I'm submitting them to magazines, but those I can't publish will be easy to find if you just look for swankivy online.]

Review #7:
Reviewed by: Caleb(o)
WOW!I LOVED THIS! Its got to be one of the best things ever written. I give it a 4.5, it needed to be a bit longer. a sequel would be ACE!! thank you for writting such an amazing story!

Review #6:
Reviewed by: Mikey
First I would like to say the description of what the story was like was right on the money. I liked the way it was crafted and honestly when I started reading it I had a totally different thought of what it was going to be and I really liked this line. ( "If I'm your past somehow, Though then how do you expect me to exist if you don't keep adding memories to me? ") Well said. I said reading it through me off. I like the concept If I got it right? I would give this writing a solid three. I wish it was longer you write dialog so perfectly.

Review #5:
Reviewed by: jordan
This story has a good meaning. I agree with the main message as I percieve it and as you explained in your review. In fact I would have probably given it 5 stars if there were more to it and it was a little more descriptive. But I really liked it a lot as is, too. :)

Review #4:
Reviewed by: Dan M.
Here's my opinion...
As this story started it grabbed my attention right away. This was very interesting , at first i thought that maybe she was a schizo with multiple personaities...althought this concept is still open to me.
But I did get the main point about not forgetting and leaving your childhood behind.
And this story reminded me a lot of the movie "Legend" from some of the dialouge. I actually just bought and watched Legend for the millionth time. lol
So overall I didn't find anything that really needed changing, it all came together pretty nice, and was a good read.
Very interesting Four Stars! "****"

Review #3:
Reviewed by: bakasama
oy, but this was certainly an interesting tale! Can't say exactly on how many levels this reached, but I found the perspectives of each most intriguing.


Review #2:
Reviewed by: steve
Here's my opinion...Ivy!! And I thought I had a good imagination :-) I am finally coming out of my coma from the hurt leg, and wanted to get back to your short stories.You do know that you will eventually have to become a full-fleged writer don't you? the way you approach the story is unique to me. I am going to copy it and let my 13 year old read it too. Of course I'll have to tell her i hated it, or she will automatically not like it lol. It was a nice read, light, and thought provoking at the same time. Sofar, Grace is still my favorite........but there are plenty to go:-)

Review #1:
Reviewed by: The Author Herself
"Glass Dawn" contains so much rambling that I think the main messages get lost. Most people reading this will probably not be able to weed out the story's main purpose, or at least will not completely understand why it was written. This is not a criticism of the audience, but of the convoluted, roundabout nature of the story. It essentially wants to say that childhood is not something one leaves behind, but instead is something that one always is; we don't leave any of ourselves behind as we grow taller, yet we become larger people, and this is also true of the soul. We become who we are little by little from having been molded as such from who we were. Eventually the two versions are quite different, but nothing has been left behind. It has been carried along. Glass Dawn tries to get Dawn to see this in this story. It is a neat idea to have Dawn talking to a reflection of herself; it's her, but it's not her, the same way a younger self is the self but at the same time not. The whole thing is a bit too symbolic, though it is probably fun for some people to try to decipher the hidden meanings all through it. It's not just about a girl talking to her reflection.

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