The House That Ivy Built Book 0

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Advisory: Some excerpts contain foul language. Violence-wise and sexual-content-wise, it's clean.

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Note: Because this is a prequel, the significance of these characters makes more sense to people who have read the later books. I decided not to show you the first three chapters; I've instead featured three excerpts that let you learn about the most important characters. (Otherwise you would have had to wait a while to meet Adele and Ivy. I can only feature a few chapters on my site, so this is done so you won't miss out on these cool people!) If you are a reader of Negative One, my webcomic, you will encounter a lot of spoilers, as the baby from the comic is four years old here and you read about the later adventures of Dax, Weaver, and Adele.

History: The House That Ivy Built: Book 0 was begun after Book 4 was finished, because I wanted to lay some groundwork for Ivy's past and write about her from outside her own mind. So far I think it is more for me and fans of the later series than it is a stand-alone book. This might change in the future if I decide to start the series around this time when I rebuild the whole thing. I may have to go back as far as the webcomic's storyline in order to really build it the way I want, but so far I am undecided as to where this series truly begins. This is a back-burner project and remains unfinished.

About THTIB 0: This is third person! It's my only third person novel so far, and it's limited omniscient with the point of view bouncing between the characters. It opens with Alix (a character webcomic readers will be unfamiliar with), shifts to Weaver and Dax, and later covers Adele. The girl who was born in Negative One is the four-year-old in the last of these excerpts, and you get to watch a new group of people try to deal with a young child with fantastic powers. She is later called Ivy by this group, but in these excerpts she hasn't gotten her name yet. This is mostly about the history and interaction of these characters and how the group, each with their different talents and strengths, contributes to raising this weird telekinetic kid.

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