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Fred: I really really love the story. It is soo, so cute. Ivy is such a beautiful and cute kid!! I really like the way Ivy treats Adele like her mommy. It is cute :) It is so interesting reading about Ivy after I have read books 1 - 4. I mean, its like I know this person and now I am getting to know her background. How very cool!

Mikey: I have found countless wonder in the reading of your literature, and I have grown to have a want and need to read these so percise, so eloquent written MASTERPIECES, and yes I will call your latest Book 0 EXACTLY that and no less, for I know when A story grabs me and nestles into my heart and leaves me with a feeling that I know "I wish that it would never end." I am quite taken by your writing to say the least, as I have taken many a joyfull journey's through your world of word's. [ . . . ] as for Ivy, well I love her she has already become a part of me. And I look forward to knowing more and getting to know her better

Wynni: The thingy kepts scrolling, so I'm not sure it's on the right one, but I'm commenting on Adele finding a four year old Amanda/Ivy excerpt.

Does Meri Lin and Fred ever discover what happened to her? What becomes of them? I can't imagine living life without one of my three, and having seen Meri Lin and Fred's comic so far, it just hurts.

I was hoping when I red that other comic that there were sixteen, that Meri and Fred were somehow amongst them.

I'd really like to know what became of them, if you've gotten that far in the overall story.
If anyone ever deserved a happy ending, it's them.