Finding Mulligan

Finding Mulligan was completed in March of 2008 and was subsequently reviewed by a large test audience. I am not taking test readers right now and I am not currently seeking representation/publication for it; it's on the back burner behind my other book, Bad Fairy, which has acquired literary agency representation. This book was chosen for the quarter-finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in 2011 and 2012.

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 For news, thoughts, and updates on what's going on with the book, you can read the tagged posts on my LiveJournal if you like.

 The opening:

Here we go again. There was no sign of anything weird about the place. No warning. Just another ordinary apartment, with yet another over-enthusiastic leasing rep leading my parents and me up the steps. No different from the last umpteen apartments we'd toured, except our guide was maybe a little more annoying than average. The guy cracked some weak joke as he unlocked the nondescript brown door, and a puff of glacial air conditioning rushed out to smack me. But as soon as I stepped into the apartment, something else hit me as well.

 The blurb (basically what goes on the back of the book to intrigue you):

What if you fell in love with someone who might not exist?

Cassandra Howard leads a double life. A smart, sarcastic student by day, Cassie is a different person in her dreams—literally. In dreamland, her alternate reality, Cassie becomes a happy-go-lucky, charismatic girl named Dia, and she prefers to keep her two lives separate. That changes when she falls in love.

Mulligan is the perfect dream guy, and in her nighttime paradise Dia has him all to herself, but in Cassie's world Mulligan only exists as a mysterious painting. Feeling left out, Cassie begins to obsess over finding the waking-world version of Mulligan. Soon enough, Cassie tracks down two people with connections to the painting, leaving her confused as to which one of them is the man she's looking for. What if her two selves are in love with two different guys?

Unwilling to live in the shadow of her other life forever, Cassie tries to remake her waking-world self in the image of Dia to attract the "real" Mulligan, but her actions blur the lines between dreamland and the waking world until neither girl is sure who she is. For Cassie, finding Mulligan—and figuring out whether he exists—might require finding herself first.

Keywords: Fantastical, young adult, romance, dreams, psychological, alternate-world, college, interracial romance, magical realism, young-adult crossover, chronic illness (in a family member)

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