Finding Mulligan Comments

There are no excerpts to comment on, obviously, but everything that's been said here has been sent by people in the test audience who have been helping me edit it and giving me their opinions. If you would like to submit a thought on the concept, though, you can go here, or you can mail me to volunteer for the test reading group.

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Alicorn: This book rocks my socks off. I had some minor issues with the pacing at first [ . . . ] It wasnít boring, and I think itís important, but it would be improved if it had more mood hints of the ride to come. [ . . . ]

Your foreshadowing is subtle and powerful. I feel like I got all the right feelings of trepidation without being certain what would happen until it did. Some things to watch out for (Iíve commented specific instances but may have missed some) are telling-not-showing character emotions, especially in lists of feeling words, and putting very informal language in the straight narration.

Thank you very much for letting me have an advance look at this book, and I apologize for not having read it immediately [ . . . ] Iím glad I waited until I could read it basically in one sitting because it would have messed me up trying to read it with any kind of break in the middle.

Cara: I didn't take a lot notes--other than mental ones--as I pretty much consumed the book in about three sittings. [ . . . ] I just couldn't imagine stopping the book's flow by taking notes on the side or adding graffiti to it as I read it... especially nearing the end, where it really gained pace and I was making A TON of noise ('oooh" "aaaah" and something oddly similar to "gaboooeeeddd" at the second to last chapter).

But I LOVED this story.

I felt really "in touch" with the characters. Sometimes, I'll read a story with a teenager as the main character, but I can't really connect with them--they don't act like me or like anyone else my age because either the author has forgotten that teenagers aren't full-grown adults with developing bodies or that teenagers don't act stupid for no reason. But Cassie and Gabi act like teenage people, which I expected as your characters are NEVER flat. But I guess complimenting you on that again can't hurt anything?

Congratulations on Finding Mulligan. It was captivating, provoking, and rich with personality.

Fred: Like many of your writings, once you start reading, you just kind of have to continue until you realize you've spent like a lot of time reading.

One thing interesting about Finding Mulligan is that when I read it, I most always seem to be emotionally touched. I always seem to find myself having goosebumps or tingly reactions, or losing my breath or feeling overcome with emotion. It was kind of that way with Wind too, so I guess I can say your most recent writings have really touched me somehow. [ . . . ]

Finally, thinking about the overall structure of the book, I love it so far. Cassandra is just finding out so much about herself. She is also building an identity and self esteem! I love the theme of dreams. [ . . . ]

I really really really loved the book. Extremely emotional... Don't wait too long in submitting this one.

Laura: i finished the book last night. i knew it was probably not a good idea to be distracted by it at work again today, so i just went ahead and finished it last night. it was very absorbing, and i really did want to find out what was going on! good work :) [ . . . ] i liked how the pieces all seemed to fit together.

Jessie: Wowwww! I really like that! Another winner from SwankiVY! And I read 130 pages of it tonight. Which is more than I planned, but that's how the ends of books work, huh?

Meggie: Guh *pants*........... Just finished the first read. Holy crap. Now I can go back and read it over again so I can give you a "professional" opinion.

But it's really fucking good. Caught my imagination.

Patricia: I finished reading Finding Mulligan and really enjoyed it! In fact, the second half of it I read in one sitting. Or laying, I guess I should say, with my laptop in bed. My neck kinda hurts now. :)

The way everything comes together is really cool. What fun ideas!

Reeny: [ . . . ] The conversations between Mulligan and Dia were so intense I found myself sitting there reading and all other noises around suddenly became silent, like being in a trance reading your chapters, it's often hard for that to happen since life can be so annoyingly noisy and disruptive, but especially towards the end this began to happen. [ . . . ]

Thankyou for sending along this beautiful book of yours, it was a pleasure reading it even if I took longer than most others. I'd be very surprised if the publishers knocked back a chance to produce this into an actual book, it's great!