Essays Page - Silly Essays

Here are my silly essays; these provide a peek into some little corners of my brain. These are just the ones in the "silly" category; you can go back to the main essays page to check out the other types. Some that were written at a specific time no longer apply to my current situation and were written in the passion (or more often, annoyance) of a moment, so take them at face value. And best of all, you can leave comments, or read the comments of others!

Silly Essays
Black Plague What a good excuse for missing work!
Fictional Characters I Would Hang Out With My "top 30" of characters I find interesting in all types of fiction. Illustrated, and in applicable cases includes character voice sound clips. Includes a submission section where readers can submit their own favorite character lists.
Verbing Examples of changing nouns to verbs, resulting in a theological discussion.