Black Plague

Disclaimer: I do not in any way think that the black plague, death by horrible diseases, or the millions of fatalities caused by plague are in any way funny. This is simply a small bit of irony I found amusing.

One of my co-workers mentioned to a group of us that the black plague is now mostly curable by an antibiotic. Because most forms can be cured so easily, the mortality rate of said disease is not at all what it once was. But the stigma still remains attached to the name; say it to yourself a couple of times. Black plague. Black plague. Yes, it evokes a shiver, a feeling of horror, even though it basically describes a disease that isn't likely to kill you with proper treatment. I think that if I were to contract a treatable form of this disease, I would have quite a bit of fun using its name to mess with people's minds.

Boss: Where were you at work today?
Me: Sorry, I had the bubonic plague.

Sleazy Guy: So when can we have another date?
Me: Afraid that's impossible, I have the black death.

Mom: Why don't you visit your poor mother?
Me: Can't. Plague, you know.

You get the picture.

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Comments from others:

Mikey: Yes I must say this is a pretty cool excuse and I will leave a suggestion for when this one fails. "I didn't want to go to work today so I called in dead."

alex: i heard that a girl living in the US somehow managed to get scurvy. imagine going around telling people "yeah, sorry I couldn't make it the other day, I had a bad case of scurvy."

Jessie: I remembered reading something about this here before and when I heard something about this from my friends this weekend, it made me want to come find it again. And that comment is this:

My friend actually had the black plague! She caught it when she was studying in Spain and was miserably sick for 10 days, and said it was like having the flu and strep throat all at once. They gave her antibiotics, though, and she is now fine. She didn't get to the point where she had black boils (which is good because that means you're probably going to die). Isn't that interesting?

Okay, just had to share. Also, this means that obviously your musings are memorable. ;)