Essays Page - Philosophical Essays

Here are my philosophical essays; these provide a peek into some little corners of my brain. These are just the ones in the "philosophical" category; you can go back to the main essays page to check out the other types. Some that were written at a specific time no longer apply to my current situation and were written in the passion (or more often, annoyance) of a moment, so take them at face value. And best of all, you can leave comments, or read the comments of others!

Philosophical/Serious/Pondery Essays
Adornment My discussion of the importance of clothing.
Adventures in Novel-Writing This is my blow-by-blow account of my growth as a writer, based on six novels I wrote.
Asexuality Top Ten I'm asexual, and most people don't know what that means. This is my essay to explain the concept. It includes a "top ten" list of reasons other people have suggested for why I'm not interested in sex, and what I think of each.
Elephant An old fable about six blind men and an elephant is reprinted here and then interpreted by me.
Hermetic Ponderings produced in response to hearing someone died. Written September 10, 2001.
I Love Ice Cream! My ode to childhood's continuation.
I've Been Duped By Satan! Exposing the logical problem of a book that claims anything outside its teachings was deliberately planted by the devil.
Instant Witch Syndrome My little lecture about people who get "into" Witchcraft after seeing a spooky movie about witches or because it's all trendy and stuff.
One Person in Two Bodies A discussion of the pitfalls of relationships that dissolve two people into one.
The Seasons A pondering about summer and its meaning.
September 11, 2001 Well, here's how my day went.
You Are Not Your Job Short piece about why it's impractical to make your job your life.