Florida Trip: Day 4--Gainesville!

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[?]huddle1.jpg: It's time for puttering-around-Gainesville day! And one must have a decent breakfast. . . . This is me at Huddle House.

[?]huddle2.jpg: Mikey's Huddle House picture, wearing his awesome THTIB shirt!

[?]huddle3.jpg: Mikey, post-breakfast--and more importantly, post-COFFEE.

[?]huddle4.jpg: Pretty new skirt!

[?]butwings.jpg: Me at the butterfly exhibit! I have wings! :D

[?]mayanbut.jpg: Me with a picture of an ancient butterfly goddess.

[?]bufly.jpg: Inside the butterfly exhibit there were tons of butterflies to see; this is one of the more picturesque shots.

[?]bufly2.jpg: A whole row of munching butterflies!

[?]bufly3.jpg: "Mikey's pixie among the butterflies."

[?]bufly4.jpg: Studyin' the critter!

[?]bufly5.jpg: Pokin' my nose into butterflies' business.

[?]bufly6.jpg: Butterfly lady!

[?]bufly7.jpg: "Mikey's magical pixie."

[?]bufly8.jpg: Mikey in Butterflyland.

[?]bufly9.jpg: Pixie's butterfly head.

[?]bufly10.jpg: We're together in the butterfly-laden air.

[?]bufly11.jpg: A hitchhiker!

[?]msushi.jpg: We decided not to spend all day in the butterfly thing and actually eat some food. Yum.

[?]jsushi.jpg: I got me a carrot sushi!

[?]jryo.jpg: We finished up our day watching anime. I had a companion.

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