Florida Trip: Day 1--St. Pete!

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[?]jihop.jpg: Our trip begins! But not without coffee. Here's me in IHOP before the coffee arrived. (It was about 6:20 AM.)

[?]cihop.jpg: Okay, now the sun may rise. I have coffee.

[?]jesust.jpg: An unexpectedly enlightening message . . . delivered on a septic truck.

[?]bntree.jpg: Good photo op outside a Barnes and Noble.

[?]msmirk.jpg: At Ponderosa, Mikey treated me to his casual smirk.

[?]evileyes.jpg: Satan temporarily possessed Mikey. This evil-eye look is actually quite common.

[?]pondice.jpg: One cannot leave Ponderosa without ice cream.

[?]gcrouch.jpg: Me in front of the cool metaphysical store Mystic Goddess. Smilin' like a loon.

[?]mgodes1.jpg: Here's me in front of the Mystic Goddess sign. It was a GREAT store. And apparently it used to be even better before a hurricane hit its other location, dammit. Long live the goddess!

[?]mgodes2.jpg: Just a great picture of us outside the Goddess. I got a cool new goddess bag there!

[?]lilhouse.jpg: We found this cute little house for kids to play in. It's just my size. I wanna live there.

[?]nutnnet.jpg: She shoots she scores! Nothin' but net!

[?]smisfit.jpg: Here is Super Misfit with other superheroes. His famous line: "Don't fuck with me or I will ball-kick you."

[?]spidball.jpg: See, now Spidey went and pissed Super Misfit off. This is what you get!!!

[?]srolly.jpg: Caught in mid-bite! Fun at King Buffet.

[?]puffluv1.jpg: Mikey is very serious about his love of cream puffs.

[?]puffluv2.jpg: I am also scarily serious about my love of cream puffs.

[?]hjsuit.jpg: Back at the hotel in my suit, preparing for a swim.

[?]hmsuit.jpg: Mikey in the hotel, about to go swimmin'!

[?]wpixie.jpg: Behold, the water pixie in her element!

[?]mpose.jpg: Behold the glory.

[?]2fount.jpg: Here you can see our lovely hotel and a fountain . . . and two vacationers ready for the night.

[?]mfount.jpg: Mikey with the majestic fountain.

[?]jfount.jpg: Moi by the fountain too.

[?]wethair.jpg: I bathe! See?

[?]bedjump1.jpg: Time for jumping around on the bed. Our neighbors probably thought this noise was something else.

[?]bedjump2.jpg: Mikey jumps on the bed too, in South Park boxers no less!

[?]msouth.jpg: Behold, it is MIKEY, king of all he surveys, ruling over all benevolently in his South Park boxer shorts!

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