Florida Trip: Day 2--Tampa!

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[?]jegg.jpg: Before we checked out of our hotel, we had the continental breakfast. I don't know, I felt like a hot hard-boiled egg. But you might want to read that sign a little better. . . .

[?]mmonu.jpg: Before leaving St. Pete we visited Bay Pines Veteran's Hospital and Cemetary to see Mikey's grandfather. This is a nice monument there dedicated to those who served.

[?]jmonu.jpg: I posed beside the monument too.

[?]yinyang.jpg: Here's us before we left. I was blowing a bubble. It's weird 'cause I'm in the light and Mikey's in the shade.

[?]jfairy.jpg: Moi in the wonderful Haslem's new and used bookstore. It's so cool in there. I want to live in one of the aisles. Here is me with all the fairy books. (I got to take a couple home!)

[?]mhaslem.jpg: Here's Mikey with Lord of the Rings books, 'cause they're his favorites.

[?]ticklet.jpg: Our next stop was Tampa, and we made a beeline for Meg's house. Here, Mikey bonds with her daughter Katelyn through TICKLE FIGHTING.

[?]pokefite.jpg: Brendon arrived not too much later, and engaged in the Katelyn poking.

[?]girlfite.jpg: It digressed into a slappy girl-fight.

[?]kkerchif.jpg: Li'l Kates has on her mommy's Oscar the Grouch kerchief. It's adorable.

[?]kpiggies.jpg: Katelyn deserves her own photo shoot. Here's one part of it: Katie with piggietails!

[?]foodmon.jpg: We went to Sweet Tomatoes for our din-din. Katie REALLY wanted Brendon's meatballs and excessive force had to be used to keep her from snatching them.

[?]sweett.jpg: Big hug in Sweet Tomatoes.

[?]olpals.jpg: I think Katie's got herself a new pal.

[?]2cuties.jpg: "Too cute for words." --Mikey

[?]3scomp.jpg: It's me, the Kate-monster with her Oscar the Grouch do-rag thang, and Mikey with a sticky contact.

[?]dooette.jpg: We went to karaoke late at night, and this was our last song of the night. Meg and I sang a duet on the Indigo Girls song "Shame On You." And it rocked everyone's asses.

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