Florida Trip: Day 3--Orlando!

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[?]psleep.jpg: A pixie asleep.

[?]mboxer1.jpg: "I'm too sexy for my pants."

[?]mboxer2.jpg: "No, really, if you make me put pants on, I'll lightsaber your ass."

[?]pwakey.jpg: Okay, I'm slightly awake now.

[?]creamy.jpg: Donuts for breakfast is always good. This one was very happy to see me.

[?]salute.jpg: This donut's sprinkles were red, white, and blue. I could not NOT salute it! It deserves respect!

[?]mjsit.jpg: Tired but movin'! About to depart Tampa.

[?]mjsit2.jpg: Another good picture on Meggie's couch.

[?]mjfinger.jpg: We're showing off our new rings. Stop saying we're making obscene gestures, you dirty-minded douchebag!

[?]girliez.jpg: Me and Meg posing for a last picture before departing.

[?]mnm.jpg: Mikey, Meg, and YODA!

[?]fmornin.jpg: Me with the couple that's all my fault.

[?]jpack.jpg: Time for shenanigans on the trip! Before leaving Tampa we hit my sister's house and taped this package to her door. Hopefully gnomes won't eat it.

[?]daddyd.jpg: When we made it to Orlando, the first thing we did was meet my dad and Connie for lunch at CiCi's. Here's me and Dad outside.

[?]ivyivy.jpg: Ivy by the ivy in Fashion Square Mall.

[?]mikeivy.jpg: Mike by the ivy in Fashion Square Mall.

[?]jdiscoun.jpg: This woman is reduced for clearance. Slightly used. Will sell for best offer.

[?]special.jpg: These are children with special needs. Please adopt one today.

[?]narnia.jpg: Do you think we can get transported to Narnia through this cardboard model of the wardrobe? Methinks so. (These pictures are of when we met my friends Jes and Laurent and we traveled to Avalon and Barnes and Noble in Orlando.)

[?]discover.jpg: "Discover Great New Writers," says the sign. Since I am a writing goddess, I deserve a spot under this sign, says Mikey. (Soon you can find my books here too!)

[?]rbow.jpg: Leaving Orlando, we spotted a rainbow along I-4. I reached over Mikey while he was driving and snapped a picture. Damn I'm good.

[?]haircurl.jpg: In a chilly restaurant wrapped in my cloak, I make hair sculptures.

[?]dimple.jpg: I managed to come out from under my cloak for long enough to snap this picture of Mikey's angelic dimples. (Do NOT let this cherubic expression fool you. He is evil incarnate.)

[?]tireevil.jpg: See? Evil.

[?]finfries.jpg: This is how Mikey orders french fries: "Gimme the BIG fucker. Make sure the sum'bitch is HUGE!" Well, this is the big fucker.

[?]xcake.jpg: Mikey likes how I eat pancakes. This is me displaying my artistic eating.

[?]pbracele.jpg: I'm showing off the pentacle bracelet that Mikey got me at Avalon.

[?]pclock.jpg: By the time we got home that night I was REALLY tired, but we couldn't finish up the night without a photo of me with my new writing award from Mikey: An ivy-encrusted pentacle clock!

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