That Story about Fortune Cookie Girl

© 2014

Technical Aspects
Story length: 12,000 words/43 pages double spaced
Voice: First person, past tense
Genre:Contemporary fiction
Copyrighted:© 2014
Story information
Main character: Miles
Character description: A bisexual man engaged to an asexual woman. He is injured at the beginning of the story and spends most of it in the hospital.
Supporting characters: Tara: A girl who sets her romantic sights on Miles despite his engagement
Kevin: Miles's Best Man, friend, and ex-boyfriend--fond of innuendo
Miles's mother: Unsupportive of her son's upcoming marriage
Bridget: Miles's asexual fiancée--mischievous and supportive
Setting:Contemporary times, urban setting, mostly in Miles's hospital room
General Plot
Miles is injured in a bike accident caused by Tara, after which point Tara believes they are fated to be together and begins stalking him to try to make him drop his fiancée. Various people in Miles's life keep insisting his injury is "a sign" that the wedding is a mistake. Miles retells the saga while commenting on its flouting of romantic comedy tropes and claims he is often called upon to tell the story to drunk friends.
Information, inspiration, and other notes
I wanted to finally write a story with an asexual character, but was wary of feeling like it would be a self-insert, so I decided to make the protagonist be the asexual woman's fiancé. I also loathe the idea of people objecting to non-asexual people marrying asexual people because it's "not natural," even though the two people involved have worked out their differences and found their compromises, so I wanted to show a relationship of that nature that also wasn't necessarily the focus of the story. And I wanted to destroy the narrative that relentless pursuit of a "love interest" is cute determination.

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