No Longer Junior


Technical Aspects
Story length: 1,886 words/5 pages double spaced
Voice: First person, past tense
Genre:Fiction, war-related
Copyrighted: 2000
Story information
Main character: Thomas/T.J.
Character description: A sixteen-year-old boy whose father is away in a war.
Supporting characters: T.J.'s mother, and three sisters Lillian, Valerie, and Courtney. Absent character: T.J.'s father.
Setting:Indeterminate modern time, modern living quarters, during a war.
General Plot
A sixteen-year-old boy whose father has gone off to war makes plans to take care of his family after his father is dead, even though they don't know yet if the father will return. An examination of his thoughts, fears, values, and goals as he insists he will be mature enough to handle his father's death, if it happens.
Information, inspiration, and other notes
This one came to me while playing the game Minesweeper, killing time. I was just thinking about a man going out to clear a minefield for the sake of his family, and what would happen to his family if he got blown up.

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