Modern Goddess

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Review #7:
Reviewed by: Ruiqi
This is a really good story. I really liked it. Even though it was really short. I just didn't give it five stars because I think it must be missing something. Short chapters I can write. But long stories? That's the real challenge for me.

Review #6:
Reviewed by: Dave
I read "Modern Godess" Pt. 1 and 2. Again, it was more a recounting of a story, or a summation when the events would have been interesting as a conventional story. At first it felt a little like a mix between Unbreakable and Groundhog Day.

I thought there was some wry, amusing satire on Christianity, but the storyteller's voice didn't strike a chord with me (I also find the contractions with ' irritating, even if it is correct). The Christian aspect and the divine fantasy elements reminded me a little of Hellblazer, but John Constantine is a much more compelling anti-hero, probably because he's a thousand times more subtle. I think the protagonist is a little beyond sympathy because she can't die, can't even be hurt, is utterly narcissistic, and reveals no glimmer of humanity. If a story is going to be bent, I like to have at least a glimpse of something making the whole hellish experience worth it.

If she was a sardonic, impish miscreant full of misdirection and glamor, that would've been nice. I think you give away too much with the inner voice, when an almost understated conventional story with mostly dialog and no inner thoughts would add some mystery and interest.

It's definitely a big departure from your normal writing, which I have to say I prefer.

Review #5:
Reviewed by: SinOan
I was initially against leaving a review for this because I knew I was going to give a low rating and complain about it, and the last thing I want is to make you angry or annoyed at me for complaining about one of your stories. I used to give a lot of critical reviews on fanfiction dot net and that only landed me in trouble...

Still, here I am. And ... I really just do not like this story one bit. It was excessively crass for no apparent reason that I could see. The attitude and mindless swearing could have been tuned down a lot I think without affecting the story at all.

And the story! Stories generally have a beginning, middle and an end. This one just seems to consist of a middle that doesn’t go anywhere. There is no conclusion, hint of a resolution or anything remotely resembling an ending. It was like the story was just rambling on and then stopped abruptly, and all I could think was 'Is that it? So what was that all about? I mean WHY!? What’s the POINT!?'

About halfway through the character seems to reach the conclusion that she is the daughter of God. How she came to this patently absurd idea being the least likely candidate for such a position is beyond me. Superman must have grown up and found he couldn’t be harmed either, and did he think he was Gods baby sprog? No, he turned out to be an alien from the planet Krypton (something I would have expected her to consider before she came up with the idea that God was her daddy). So what in the wide world of all things rational made her think what she did?

Just some random flight of fancy, an excuse to have a bitch rant against God. You know, for someone with such an evidently low IQ she seemed to know a great deal about God, Church and Jesus. More than I knew anyway. At least, for someone with such a strong sense of apathy, she seemed to devote a lot of time thinking about it (even though she herself admits is a damned unlikely explanation for her invulnerability) and despite a dozen other possible explanations, she doesn’t even entertain ONE. Not even the alien Kryptonian one, which, whilst also ridiculous was still somewhat more plausible. But then I guess she wouldn’t have had as much fun bitching about her alien father leaving her on earth as she did complaining about God. People always find it easier to blame God/Jesus/The Universe than to blame themselves or any remotely rational explanation that might fit the bill.

All in all this story felt, to me, to just be a crude and pointless excuse to have a go at God and Jesus and such. I'm not exactly a fan of Christianity or any religion for that matter, but this story just left a bad taste in my mouth. Which is a shame, because usually I like your stories.

Review #4:
Reviewed by: Mikey
this story was quite different from what I was expecting the test of immortality but yet with a mortal coil quite interesting. The quest of understanding exactly what was happening and the questioning as of why, well written. I got a good bit from the isolations that was beginning to happen to her as she began to realize that she was not cut from the same cloth as others were I would give this piece a three star review.

Review #3:
Reviewed by: Dan M.
Here\'s my opinion...
Ok I did like this piece although I really wanted to know what was up with this girl and where this was going.
It was well written , I felt like I got a good feel for the character, and found some of the parts to be funny while it kept my interest from the very start and through to the end.
3 and a half stars: *** 1/2

Review #2:
Reviewed by: Fred
Have you ever been on a search just for some literary candy? I mean, for something tasty, refreshing, and exciting, yet easy and not too long to read? This story is just it. I must have read this story several times now, many weeks apart, but I still greatly enjoy reading it.

I rate it at 5 stars because the emotions of boredom, sarcasm, puzzlement, and depression are so well expressed by the main character. There are some really cool phrases and sentences in this story that alone make it worth reading. The main character has several brash, irreverent, crude one-liners that endear her, at least, to this particular reader. In addition to this, however, the main character represents a totally unique concept. No cardboard stock character do we have to deal with here. Read the story and find out.

Character development is the author's forte. In this story, I believe she has proved this yet again--and once again resulting in a story that is quick to read and fun to read.

Review #1:
Reviewed by: The Author Herself
"Modern Goddess" is vulgar and blasphemous at times, and is utterly disrespectful. That's how it was supposed to be. It is a disconnected story with lots of build-up and no real conclusion, but it is an interesting romp through the mind of a very foul-tempered, confused, unusual teenager. Her foiled suicide attempts don't exactly turn her life around in the way you would have thought; her conclusion upon being unable to die or hurt herself seems somewhat psychotic, though there's certainly no good explanation. It's more like someone is playing with her reality for fun. It's a funny story and has its one-liner gems, and is refreshingly irreverant, but I don't like it as much as I used to.

Read it: