Modern Goddess


Technical Aspects
Story length: 2,397 words/8 pages double spaced
Voice: First person, past tense
Genre:Modern Fantasy
Copyrighted: 1997
Story information
Main character: Unnamed NYC resident
Character description: Girl in her late teens: rebellious and trying to find trouble, and apparently unable to die.
Supporting characters: No one in particular; just incidental friends
Setting:Modern times, New York City
General Plot
A girl wonders why nothing bad has ever happened to her when she's taken so many risks. She attempts to push this farther and still is not able to cause harm to herself in any way, including feeling the effects of drugs and alcohol and risky behavior. This alienates her from her friends and she is unable to find happiness even through drinking and sex, so she attempts suicide and is somehow not able to cut her own skin. She also tries jumping off a building and lands unscathed on her feet. She briefly loses her sanity and then comes to the conclusion that she is the daughter of God. This is something that means something to her, but she still has no direction.
Information, inspiration, and other notes
This was just another inspired moment. I wanted to write something vulgar and blasphemous and here it is. The folks over at Poetry Jam love this piece. Beware the bad language and the insults to God. And no, this is not autobiographical either, and yes, I have actually been asked that.

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