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Review #9:
Reviewed by: SinOan
Not much to say on this one, except that I liked it, in an odd sort of way. I have scarcely ever read anything in present tense, and it felt a bit odd reading this (but not in a bad way). The language was well crafted and very fitting for the story, and my only complaint was as others have already said, it was a bit on the short thin side, though it certainly didnít feel rushed at all, the pacing was perfect (a tough thing to do on a story so short!).

4 stars for a tight, compact but beautiful piece of writing.

Review #8:
Reviewed by: Mikey
This was a beautiful piece of writing. I liked the mothers unconditional sign of love and understanding and acceptance I can say nothing less than a solid 5 star.

Review #7:
Reviewed by: Pailei
Here's my opinion...I loved this story. The descriptive language is so beautiful and soul-felt. The idea behind it seems fresh--I've never read anything quite like it before, and it's rare for me to say that since I am an avid reader (and writer!) The only reason I didn't give it a five is because I didn't feel a strong emotional connection to the characters, though that is harder to achieve in a short story. Never stop writing, and you can be sure I'll check out the rest of your work as well!

Review #6:
Reviewed by: squirrel
the story "Grace" is a strong one. i am convinced, this is the one you should send out. i think its only shortcoming is its short length. it is like, this whole other world...something that could be explored =). think of harry potter (don't blech on this), about how those books create a different world of magic. well that's what "Grace" is like, sort of a different culture; it's fascinating. you made this whole other anthropologist's dream, you are the goddess of a new way of life, and Grace shows off this anthropology, it's as if you speak from within, as though Grace exists or has existed. yes, this is your strong suit, when you have put together such a story, this is what will get notised. get it published, Joo, and i'll buy you dinner. -sq

Review #5:
Reviewed by: Dan
Here's my opinion...
Ok this one was almost 4 stars but I was a little confused through a good portion of the story as to what was going on until towards the middle or end when it all started to make sense. I thought that it was her father there with his naked daughter at first, and
But then when I realized it was her mother, it made more sense.

I agree with another person who reviewed on how good everything was described, it helped me imagine the scenario very well.

I thought this was pretty well written except for the confusion at the start, although I didn't really get into this one... except the part where to two, now women went off to play hee hee.

So overall I felt it was good, not my quite my thing, but I could see how a lot of people would like this one.

Three and a half stars.


Review #4:
Reviewed by: Kim
Here's my opinion...
I love the imagery in this story. You have a truly intuitive sense of how much detail to include, and I think you've done an excellent job capturing the mother's emotions at her daughter's coming of age. This is the sort of piece which seems to transcend its own genre; I think even those who normally scorn speculative fiction would find "Grace" appealing. It deals with such universal themes.

Review #3:
Reviewed by: Daisy
When I was reading the first part of the story, the scene was a little confusing. Then it all came together. I think it was an original and unique coming of age story. I think the story was positive about coming of age. Grace was apprehensive at first and then shared her positive thoughts with her mother at the end of the story. I had also never really thought of being a different person after leaving childhood behind. Overall, I appreciate the story's unique point of view.

Review #2:
Reviewed by: steve
Here's my opinion...I will give you the short version. 4 stars, i love the way you used the passion for music. The joy of mother and daughter, and the mother's unspoken communication. This one really seemed like you were on the edge of going Novel on us :-) It has the type of qualities that, from what I have read of yours so far, would be something you could build a story, a story with it's own entire world . I do look forward to sitting back in my recliner one day and reading your first published novel :-)

Review #1:
Reviewed by: The Author Herself
"Grace" is pretty good for something from this period of my life. I like its poetic sound even though it now sounds a little overdone to me at times (i.e., "My ivory daughter of night, I love you," etc.). I like the mysteriousness of the mother who only speaks in actions, and I've always liked stories that deal with the transition from child to adult. I also enjoy the made-up culture of these people, with their inventive celebrations and ritualistic taking of a new name upon entering adulthood. I enjoy the reminiscence of Iris's mother as she thinks about her daughter as a child and then later compares her daughter to herself when she made the transition. I think this might have been better if it had been a little longer and fuller, but it tried so hard not to become rambly that I think it was a good choice. In any case, I just really like to write stories that involve the role of the mother, I think this is one of five or so that deal with a mother theme, as opposed to only one with a father theme. I enjoy it.

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