Final Verses


Review #5:
Reviewed by: TheSuperhermiT
Sorry for the long review:
I've read several of your stories now and it's wild how you are able to create realistic feeling worlds for your characters. Like with Protector Cat, I really liked that world that they were in, I felt like it almost had a steam punk vibe, with gangs that banned together for protection, a mysterious physical being with special abilities that lives mostly in his head moment to moment; maybe this was not the world that he was in but he has memory problems (shifting perceptions) and your so good at telling the story through the lenses of your characters, so it doesn't matter, that is what I imagined. With this one, Final Verses, only a couple of your sentences began to conjure a world for me where death is guided not by a tradition but a legend that this serious man and others respect greatly. It made me think of English businessmen in trench coats with magic! It almost makes me feel as if Final Verses is a story within a story, that someone wrote as they were dying, Final Vers es is actually a Death Note!

Review #4:
Reviewed by: Michael Knutzen
An interesting take on the reason to write. I may show this a few of my fellow students.

Review #3:
Reviewed by: Mikey
This is another fine example of the depth of emotion that you so perfectly put into you witting it is awesome! For such a short piece to have so much to say I myself was filled with emotion, it was beautifully rendered and in so many ways reminds us of our own mortality and what legacy or souvenir we leave behind in the wake of our removal from this world. It was deep and well felt by myself and I truly think that this is one work that everyone should read I would rate this no less then a perfect 5 star

Review #2:
Reviewed by: Dan M.
Here's my opinion...
I liked this one. The point that I got out of it was, if you have something to say, get it out while you can because life is so short, and death comes quick. Tommorow does'nt exist. All you have is all right here right now. A good "Carpe Diem" type piece, and then with maybe a twist of reincarnation at the end? Leaves you to wonder.....hee hee
Well Done, Three and a half stars.

Review #1:
Reviewed by: The Author Herself
"Final Verses" is, of course, completely speculative. It's very formal and sounds more like poetry than a short story, really. But that is appropriate because it is partially about a poem. I think that it has an underlying message that wisdom cannot be faked and that one cannot write about an experience from the heart unless that heart has been through the experience. So, here I am writing about death without having experienced it. Waah. I think the idea of returning to the cosmos while experiencing a more "raw" happiness is an intriguing idea. It also makes me think about how important a "last message" could might be your last chance to ever give anything to the world; there'd have to be life after death to get anything else across. This is a short piece and I think it's enjoyable, and I hope most people can grasp the meaning.

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