Final Verses


Technical Aspects
Story length: 432 words/2 pages double spaced
Voice: First person, past tense
Genre:Speculative fiction, subject of death
Copyrighted: 1999
Story information
Main character: An unnamed man with a fatal illness
Character description: The man knows he is to die and wishes to give something profound to the world in writing, in the moment before death.
Supporting characters: None mentioned
General Plot
A dying man wishes to compose something profound for his "final verses," a last bit of wisdom for the world. He thinks it up before death has come, thinking if he plans it out he will be able to scribble it as he is actually dying so that it looks like a death revelation and is taken seriously. However, when he finally does enter the moment of death, a real death revelation occurs to him--how can he give both his premeditated poem and this new revelation?
Information, inspiration, and other notes
I'm not sure but I may have been inspired to write this when I was studying death and dying in my developmental psychology class. My sister also had mentioned something called "death poems" that are written shortly before death that are often profound, and showed me a book of them once, which I did not read but speculated on.

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