The Escape

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Review #7:
Reviewed by: TheSuperhermiT
I found this one hard to rate but decided to go with my first instinct. I liked this story, a lot actually, I found it to be very well written and interesting. I relate to the main character, because I myself feel like people grow up way too fast and I hope to stay a child at heart and a student of life forever, never graduating to adult or master. My favorite parts in this one were some of the little things, like them trying on each other shoes or the guys trying to wield the heaviest ball and the beginning, about being happy that her friend had cancelled.

Review #6:
Reviewed by: Chris
This story freakin rocked - Annon 5th grader

Review #5:
Reviewed by: SinOan
I actually have to disagree with you – I think that this read very smoothly and I had no trouble following it at all. It was superbly written; so much so that I would not be at all surprised to read this from a book I pulled off the shelves in any bookstore or library.

As far as content goes, I sort of identify with this in a second hand kind of way. For me, the opposite was true. At school, my friends and I all couldn’t wait to grow up and be adults. It was like we were always telling ourselves that things would always be better when we were older. People wouldn’t push us around, we’d get to choose what we wanted to do and finally get to live out our dreams.

And then we grew up and the reality hit home, and whilst I can only speak for myself I found myself wishing I was a kid again. I started to miss all the things that get mentioned in this story, things that I never even thought about losing at the time. What a lot of kids fail to realize is that growing up doesn’t put you on top of the world, because there’s almost always someone above you no matter where you go or what happens.

From what I’ve noticed of people around me, adults tend to envy children and children envy adults. What kind of messed up backwards world runs like that?

In this story the main character proves to be a bit more insightful than most, but is still powerless to do anything about it. She wants everyone to remain kids, to keep hanging around and being silly and childish, but has to watch as it all slips away, and I think everyone can relate to that kind of frustration – where things happen beyond your control, beyond anyone’s control in fact. And I think everyone has had moments they wish they could stretch out and rewind to make last longer, and others they wish they could fast forward through. Time never seems to do what we want it to, no matter how much we wish it would.

Review #4:
Reviewed by: Mikey
I wanted to give this review while it is still fresh in my mind. The line ( tissues in my bra, like it was a national security secret.) I laughed when I read that it was well said. (really good). I don't know why you think only two stars I would rate this short story with a well deserved 4 stars and to be quite honest there were a few parts that reminded me of one of my favorite authors R.A. Salvatore the second to last paragraph really summed it up well there could be no finer words to describe the fear and realization of growing up or getting older again so very descriptive, from Susie to Susan the hair things the descriptions of all the friends.

Review #3:
Reviewed by: MACSON
Here's my opinion... Four Stars

Review #2:
Reviewed by: Dan M.
Here's my opinion...
I really got into this one , the writing was great i found myself remebering exact situations like this as amid growing up.
The start could be a great start to a "coming of age" based movie, and the end would have been a great ending for it as well.
Add a middle to that with some really profound point and you could have a real interesting feel for an already played out type of movie.
So I liked this piece a lot, it was done smoothly for a short storie, with plenty left over to leave to the imagination.
Great Job, now we are Bid-ness! "*-*-*-*-*"
Although the description for your Five Star rating is a bit much lol. But as far as shorts that I have read, this was a great one.

Review #1:
Reviewed by: The Author Herself
I think that this story is at least a little bit familiar to everyone, because it seems at least sometimes everyone fears growing up and the changes that come so fast. But I don't think that many people identify with the need to escape from it the way the main character here did. In any case, it brings up some interesting points and the best part of it is the fact that it draws on little bits of childhood that many people have forgotten, and mixes in the familiar but probably long-forgotten uncertainty that comes with that period of life. The reason I'm so dissatisfied with this story is that its disconnected memories don't make for a very good read unless you particularly identify with this, and as mentioned, it's a thing most won't identify with. Also the writing style is not very smooth and it seems jerky at times, and doesn't go between past and present very well. Oh well.

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