The Escape


Technical Aspects
Story length: 2,599 words/8 pages double spaced
Voice: First person, past tense
Genre:Young-adult fiction or children's fiction
Copyrighted: 2001
Story information
Main character: Kelly
Character description: A rising sixth grader who's about to move to California
Supporting characters: Brittany, Susan (Susie), Jerome, Tyler, and Mark, her pals
Setting:Modern times, set in a bowling alley, many flashbacks to younger days
General Plot
Kelly is disturbed by the idea of growing up. Her friends' eagerness to act more adult bothers her, and she reminisces in a bowling alley about their past together and how she'd rather move across the country (which she will be doing) and totally lose touch with them than have to see them grow up.
Information, inspiration, and other notes
This story is about 85% autobiographical. I did not have a "group" as described in this story but I had similar feelings when I moved to another state at the same stage of my life, and many of the occurrences (with specifics removed) are taken directly out of my past.

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