Dear God

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Review #7:
Reviewed by: Moonbeam
Four stars.

Review #6:
Reviewed by: Saz
Wow... i like this one. It was very interesting. What i liked was how natural the voice of the character was. I liked how it sounded as though it wasn't planned and the character was writing what he was thinking as he was thinking it. I liked how the character changed his mind during the letter and ask questions and come up with his own answers. It was like a diary entry to himself. In a way it reminds me of myself. when i write about my feelings i just write with no end in mind, asking questions and answering them.

Well done.

Review #5:
Reviewed by: SinOan
This kind of reminded me of that film 'Bruce Almighty' where Jim Carey keeps yelling at God, saying he isn’t doing his job and that God should smite him. It was funny when he kept asking for a sign that God was listening, and big flashing signs kept appearing before him but he didn’t notice them.

This story highlights a trend I've noticed where people the world over seem to treat God(s) as some kind of Genie. Just substitute the word ‘Pray’ with ‘Wish’ and presto! It always puzzled me just how humans got it into their heads that they could make demands of higher beings. I mean why would He grant your wish? Because He is such a kind and benevolent being? Right, and what planet do you live on again? It always seemed like having an ant screaming indignantly at a passing human to give it a huge sugar lump, or make it the top Queen ant. Would the human hear? Would they care if they did? And of course we like to tell each other that God is a nice guy, because lets face it, the alternative doesn’t bare thinking about.

I think that Dear God not only accurately portrays the kind of mindset of child with regards to God, but of a whole lot of people of all ages. After all, who hasn’t at some point in their lives tried in some form or other to communicate with God (or whatever), and then felt angry that no one answered them? And yet from the little of religion I know of, God isn’t even supposed to be able to communicate with mere humans anyway. After all, that’s why he created angels – the messengers of God who handle his earthly affairs. Kind of like a better class of Priest. And there’s a whole bureaucracy of them just waiting to forward your call to your very own circle of hell.

“Divine Intervention Dep, how may I help you? Hold please …” Queue annoying little church jingle :/

Review #4:
Reviewed by: Dan M.
Here's my opinion...
Ok this one I liked better.
I could relate to this one because I think that just about everybody at one point in their life goes through this exact thing.
Another thing I liked about this is that whether it was intentional by the author or not it kind of showed how maybe there is a "God" and that he helps us in subtle ways and does keep us wondering , yet in the end , the kid got the answer he was looking for.
The only thing i found that was screwed up was at the start about 6 lines in or so he says "she'll just laugh at me" or whatever , and then says the exact same thing 2 lines or so later. That was major repetitive and one of those needs to go, other than that good piece, interesting , and a good point. ****
Good Job!

Review #3:
Reviewed by: Fred
This review comes from a former center in his preteen years. For all you non football fans, understand that in the preteen years, center is where you put the fellow you picked last for your team. In Jamie's case the "short, scrawny" guy, or in my case, the tall uncoordinated guy.

Anyway, I give it 4 stars because of its accuracy. Not just for the author's clear grasp of preteen football, but for her clear and accurate grasp of what unappreciated preteen boys like Jamie feel, especially when it comes to getting confidence to talk to girls.

I loved the whole "conversation with God" thing. It reminded me of the Indigo Girls' song "Hey Jesus." And yes, I do verify the story's accuracy because I practiced the exact same practice during my junior high years. And yes, God did not respond to me either.

I wonder if Jamie actually finally did ask Laura... But that is not really the point of the story. All in all, a fun, quick read. Read the story. It isn't much longer than this review if at all, but the story is good and touches the heart.

Review #2:
Reviewed by: steve
Here's my opinion...Well....I wonder how many thousnds of guys around that age are having a VERY similar beggimg spree with God as I amwriting this -) sorry about typos and incoherence. a very smart doc has decided to give me methadone for pain. so please take that into account as you read this semi-incoherent review.maybe I should ask god for a clear head, (and oh, what the hell.l too LOL.)

So far Ivy, this one is the least thought provoking short I've read of yours.aybe when the meds wear off I'll jhave ann epIPHANY LOL. I'll do my next read/review with a clear head. Good iea you think? gues I'D BETTTER STOP WHILE i'M ONLY SLIGHTLY RMBARRESED :-)
see y when I am more clear headeed.
kep it up have a fan :-)

Review #1:
Reviewed by: The Author Herself
"Dear God" is an attempt to sound like a naďve pre-teen boy. It is somewhat successful but probably sounds a bit too petulant. It's exaggerated a little bit. Otherwise, it's probably one of the most honest dialogues I have, almost as if it's what someone would actually say if they were in Jamie's position (at his age). The points about God brought up in it, though, are pretty solid though they are framed in deceptively flighty language. First the child thinks God doesn't exist or doesn't care because he might not get his wish, and then he realizes that if everyone always got their wishes when praying to God, the practice would be not only abused, but would contradict reality at times. As he says, both teams can't win a football game no matter how many dads are praying for their sons to score. I like this story even though it's sort of goofy.

Read it: