Technical Aspects
Story length: 6,469 words/23 pages double spaced
Voice: First person, past tense
Genre:Young-adult fiction
Copyrighted: 1999
Story information
Main character: Megan
Character description: Deviant high school girl who makes it a point to have no friends. Was hurt by the sexual attention of boys when she was too young to want to return it and is now very bitter about it. Very good pen artist.
Supporting characters: Brady: Very popular boy who begins to take an interest in Megan. Learns to stop being a pawn of the popular crowd with Megan's help, but gives her something she doesn't admit she needs: a friend.
Setting:Modern times, urban area, much in a high school and about the town.
General Plot
Megan dislikes the attention of people and has made it a point to make herself scary-looking so no one will pay attention to her. She is sullen but convinced that's the way she wants it, until she begins talking to Brady, who initiates contact by saying he likes her drawings. He admits to her that being popular is unfulfilling for him and that he would rather everyone leave him alone. Megan, in her reluctant and gruff way, helps Brady overcome his need to be accepted, while at the same time wondering what category of man Brady is going to fall into. She paradoxically wants his attention and wants him to go away. He tries several different roles, trying to make her warm up to him, and eventually they discover what their relationship really means, and Megan finally gets on the road to opening up a bit.
Information, inspiration, and other notes
This is not autobiographical in the least. I can't remember how I came up with this story, it just happened one day.
Related Art:[Pencil drawing of main character Megan]

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