After She Comes Along


Technical Aspects
Story length: 550 words/3 pages double spaced
Voice: Third person, past tense
Genre:Contemporary fiction
Copyrighted: 2014
Story information
Main character: Unnamed
Character description: A young female character who ventures into the woods for craft materials.
Supporting characters: Oliver: A boy who wants the protagonist to stay with him
Setting:Contemporary times, in the woods
General Plot
The protagonist wants a branch to use as an anchor for her macrame project, so she goes to the woods to get it. There she meets Oliver, who claims she came along just to meet him and that fate decrees she stay with him. However, the protagonist disagrees, and believes she should have some choice in whose story she participates in.
Information, inspiration, and other notes
I was reading Neil Gaiman's book Smoke and Mirrors on a plane, and his spooky short stories got me in the mood to write this one. It's not a fantasy story, but it has a weird fantasy vibe, and that's Mr. Gaiman's fault.

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